Journal Entry December 16, 2012

I have recently been keeping a journal to get out my thoughts on paper. I only have a few entries so far. I will not display names of people for their protection.

From December 16th 2012:

“This is a journal of my language learning, no… language acquiring journey. I have been recently reading many academic books on the subject. I also believe my own observations have value, otherwise I would not be writing.

Today I went to the movies with a Japanese friend of mine. We saw ‘The Hobbit.’ It had Korean subtitles. But before that we ate spaghetti at the Lotte Department store in Seomyeon. So we had time to chat before that. My friend spoke in Japanese about 97% of the time. Sometimes English or Korean was used, but rarely. It was hard to understand my friend in Korean because of her high pitched and soft Japanese accent. Also, my brain expects her to speak Japanese. I spoke in a mix of English and Japanese with traces of Korean. We couldn’t always communicate easily, however 90% of the time it was smooth. It makes me wonder about the deeper conversations we could have had if I was better at Japanese.

After we said goodbye for the day my brain kept on hearing Japanese. I thought I was hearing it everywhere! Seriously, It was hard to tell if people around me were speaking Korean. It was only until an hour later when I went on the train that my brain could begin to comprehend Korean again. It was like my brain had to relax like a muscle because it was so tensely strung with Japanese…”

3 thoughts on “Journal Entry December 16, 2012

    • Great question. Actually, I have to train my Japanese tutor to teach in this way. That’s easier said than done. That gives me an idea for a new post since I’ve taught my Korean tutor how to do it.

      Doing a quick Google search, I couldn’t find any private classes or tutors who use TPRS. But if you dig deep down, I’m sure they are out there. There are some beginner materials out there for Japanese TPRS.

      If you are a complete beginner, there is a set of video lessons that you can buy online called ‘Effortless Japanese’ that they don’t call it TPRS but it’s pretty much the same thing. They do TPR for vocabulary, and then tell mini stories with lots of questions and repetition. If you aren’t a complete beginner I would say this may be a bit easy for you and you should find a tutor in person or online to train.

      • Thanks. Not impressed by Effortless Japanese/English. Would love to read your blog on how to train your tutor though. Cheers.

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