Korean TPRS Lessons: Part 2 Of A 3 Part Story.

Let me say this, I am so lucky to have such a great tutor!

She is planning to hold classes for those who want to learn Korean at the end of March. If you are in the Ulsan area and are interested in learning Korean, send me a message or comment.

Today I really noticed how well the repetition works. She knows how to repeat in different ways to make me think and understand what’s being said. She also uses “pop-up” grammar very well. It’s little things like this:

가서 = 가다 + 그레서
가고 = 가다 + 그레고

What she writes up on the board to help me along with the langauge. It’s simple and painless. She doesn’t go on for an hour practicing how to make it work with a hundred verbs. That would be boring and pointless.

Here’s the board from last week. Last week we started part 2:

Story 1 Part 2 Chalkboard

Here’s the second part of our story:

그런데 그녀는 가진 것이 없었어요.
그래서 그녀는 과일가게로 갔어요.
하지만 그 과일가게도 가진 것이 없었어요.
그녀는 야채가게로 갔어요.
야채가게에서 야채 10개를 샀어요.
야채로 음식을 만들지 않고
배트맨과 스파이터맨은 그 야채를 서로에게 5개씩 나눠줬어요.
그런데 배트맨과 스파이터맨은 그 야채를 서로에게 턴졌어요.

So this took about an hour to go through. Now keep in mind we created this together and she circled around these grammar points and words many times. That way, I’ve internalized the patterns more than if I just read this.

Here’s a rough translation:

Well, the girl had nothing.
And so, she went to the fruit store.
But the fruit store also had nothing.
The girl went to the veggie store.
At the veggie store she bought 10 veggies.
The veggies weren’t for making food, she gave 5 veggies each to Spiderman and Batman.
And then Batman and Spiderman threw the veggies at each other.
The girl became sad again.

And that was the 2nd part.

Stay tuned for the third part of the story.

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