Korean TPRS Story: Love Potion, Part 2

Here’s the chalkboard from today’s lesson:

Korean Chalkboard TPRS: Love Potion

Here is the story from today’s Korean lesson:

마법사는 사랑의 묘약을 공주에게 건네줬어요.
공주는 마법사가 공자처럼 보였어요.
사랑의 묘약을 받은 공주는 왕자를 만나기 위해 왕자의 집으로 갔어요.
그런데 불행하게도, 왕자는 집에 없었어요.
왜냐하면 왕자는 친구들과 놀러나갔기 때문에요.
그래서 공주는 편지를 썻어요.
편지에는 ‘밤 10시까지 교회앞으로 나오세요’라고 쓰여있었어요.
공주는 그 편지는 왕자의 집앞에 놔뒀어요.
그리고 밤 10시가 됐어요.
공주는 왕자를 만나기 위해 교회앞으로 갔어요.
공주는 왕자가 오기를 기다렸어요.
그런데 시간이 지나도 왕자는 나타나지 않았어요.
그리고 갑자기 하늘에서 비가 내렸어요.

And now my quick translation:

The wizard passed the love potion to the princess.
To the princess, the wizard seemed like Confucius.
The princess who received the love potion went to the prince’s house in order to meet him.
But unfortunately the prince was not home.
That’s because he was hanging out with friends.
And so the princess wrote a letter.
She wrote, “Come to the front of the church at 10pm.” in the letter.
The princess left the letter at the front of the prince’s house.
And then it became 10pm.
The princess went to the front of the church to meet the prince.
The princess waited for the prince’s arrival.
And so time passed by but the prince didn’t appear.
And suddenly rain fell from the sky.

Today’s lesson went very well. I’m getting better at processing longer sentences in Korean in my head. This is a skill that gradually develops as I listen and understand to more stories.

My tutor is awesome!

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