Korean TPRS: Part 3, Love Potion.

And here’s the last bit that we finished up on Saturday. It was quite an exciting ending. Enjoy!

Korean TPRS Whiteboard

Here’s the story in Korean:

공주는 한참을 기다렸지만 왕자는 오지 않았어요.
공주는 빗속에서 떨었어요. 그리곤 쓰러졌어요. (그리고 나서 = 그리곤)
누군가가 교회에서 나왔어요. 그 사람은 목사님이 었어요.
목사님은 공주를 발견했어요. 그리고 공주를 교회안으로 데려갔어요.
공주를 침대위에 눞혔어요. 갑자기 무언가가 침대밑으로 떨어졌어요.
목사님을 그것을 발견했어요. 그것은 사랑의 묘약이었어요.
목사님은 그것을 마셨어요. 그리고 남은 묘약을 공주에게 먹였어요.
공주는 깨어났어요. 그들은 서로를 보고 사랑에 빠졌어요.
목사님은 목사직을 그만두었어요. 그리고 그들은 결혼해서 행복하게 살았어요.


And here’s my English translation:

The princess waited for a long time but the prince didn’t come.
The princess shivered in the rain. And then collapsed.
The preacher discovered the princess. And then he brought her into the church.
He dropped her on top of the bed. All of a sudden something fell underneath the bed.
The preacher found it. It was the love potion.
The preacher drank the potion. And then he made the princess drink the remaining potion.
The princess woke up. They both fell in love with each other.
The preacher stopped being a priest. And they both got married and lived happily.

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