Korean TPRS Story: The bus ran at light speed! 버스는 빛의 속도로 달렸기때문에요!

Korean TPRS Black Board - Light speed bus.
It’s been a while since I’ve met up with my Korean tutor. She is so wonderful! She’s probably the best Korean teacher in Korea because she knows how to teach with TPRS.

She doesn’t have a certificate or a Masters in teaching Korean. If she had one, maybe she would be too stubborn to learn the real secrets of language acquisition. Input based teaching is the most powerful way to get the student fluent and speaking spontaneously. So many people just don’t understand this.

To prove my point, if you have an hour to kill and you don’t know any Russian, watch this video:

Okay, so how much Russian did you learn?

Compare that to an hour of TTMIK podcast. Which do you think is better?

I’d pick story telling any day of the week over boring explanations of grammar from people who have no clue about language acquisition.

The one and only one way we learn language is when we understand messages. I understood 100% of the story we made together today. We only spent 30 minutes making the story today. Just look at how much we were able to create!

Last week in my city hall class, we learned phrases and vocabulary for riding the bus, the train, airplane and boat. I actually forgot a lot of those phrases now. Mostly because it was boring and painful. “Practice with the person next to you!” (and then she proceeds to speak in Korean assuming we understand what she’s saying.) She often goes out of bounds with words (Says things we don’t know or won’t know.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the class and get lots of input from the teacher. She is really smart and explains the grammar well. But as for language acquisition the way the class is taught is slow and a bit painful.

Okay, enough of my rant. Just to show you how much we can accomplish in 30 minutes with my TPRS tutor, here is the story from today’s Korean class:

지난 일요일에, 한 승객이 버스정류장 앞에 서있었어요. 그 승객은 10시간 동안 서서 버스를 기다렸어요.
잠시 후에 빠른 버스가 왔어요. 하지만 불행하게도 그 승객은 버스를 타지 못했어요.
왜냐하면 그 버스는 빛의 속도로 달렸기때문에요.
그 승객은 버스를 타기위해서 같이 빛의 속도로 달리기 시작했어요.
갑자기 누군가가 소리쳤어요. “할머니!! 뛰지마세요”
할머니는 멈췄어요. 한 경찰관이 할머니 앞으로 다가왔어요.

Here is my translation:

Last Sunday, a passenger was standing at the bus stop. This passenger waited for the bus for 10 hours. After that, a fast bus came. But unfortunately, this passenger could not ride the bus. This is because that bus ran by at the speed of light. That passenger started to run along with the bus at light speed in order to ride it(the bus). Suddenly someone cried out “Granny! Don’t run!” The grandmother stopped. A police officer came up close in front of the grandmother.

3 thoughts on “Korean TPRS Story: The bus ran at light speed! 버스는 빛의 속도로 달렸기때문에요!

  1. I wish I could have such a great teacher, or just a teacher would be great too xD!!! I didn’t watch the video (although I’m really curious about it) because I really don’t want to put too much other languages in my head xD but I agree with you on the fact that it’s really good to understand messages in order to learn a language, anyway that’s what language learning is made for: communication (in the strict sense of the word xD). But I’m one of those grammar lover person and I love to be taught the exact meanings/functions of grammatical forms in Korean (especially because of nuances) even though I understand the global meaning, and I find this fascinating, especially in Korean. So I think that a mixture of both instructed and naturalistic context is good in language acquisition ^^ But in the end, each person has his or her own best way of learning a foreign language! Anyway, I’m happy I could understand all this text except for the very last verb! I laughed ! xD Thanks ^^

    • Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed the story! That’s the most important part!

      Don’t worry about too many languages. It is a myth that people get confused or “Brain Overload” from studying too many langauges. Just have fun.

      If you watch the video you will see how powerful the technique is. It’s only an hour. You won’t mess up your mind. You will improve it. Trust me.

      About your point about grammar, grammar is awesome! I love it too! But it only is useful for “the monitor.” That is, if you have time to think about the grammar rule, it can help you fix your mistakes. Grammatical structures can be acquired explicitly and implicitly. Just remember that even if you study the grammar, you may not have fully acquired it. (I wish our brains worked like that, cuz then it would be easy! Just read a grammar book and you’re done!)

      When you are reading (extensively or intensively) you have more time to think about the meaning. Same with writing. However, in speaking (natural speed conversation) you have very little time to think. You have to train yourself to respond. You do that by getting lots of input, and training for responses. The more you read the quicker your reading becomes, the better your speech patterns become as well.

      You can also get a teacher who knows how to speak to you to train these responses. You do that through understanding and repeating patterns.

      I’m not sure I agree with the “Everyone learns differently!” sort of mentality. There are many different ways to learn, but again, we all learn in the same basic way. There are efficient ways, and there are non-efficient ways. I’m gonna write a post about that soon.

      Thanks for the awesome comment! I hope to see more posts from you soon! 🙂

      • No problem! It’s always a pleasure to talk with foreign language learners 😛

        And by “everyone learns differently” I meant that for example, for person A reading a story would be more efficient than having a conversation with a native speaker, as for person B, the contrary would be better, even though yes you’re right, those two methods work for both of them (well it should, I think). I’ve just finish writing my masters thesis on second language acquisition – but it’s more about the degree of the foreign accent – and this is a tiny part of the conclusion that I’ve made XD but I’m not sure… I’m not really a specialist and it is way too complicated for me. What do you think? ^^ I’m looking forward to read your post on it!

        As for myself, I think that the best way to learn a language is to have any talk with a native speaker, because like you said, there are quicker dialogues thus more interactivity, so I guess that the brains gets use to “call” for words we need to use. But for some people, they would feel really uncomfortable or would panic (yes this happens xD) so it might not be the best way (yet?)!

        A year ago, I couldn’t really speak good English – although I’ve been learning it at school for about 12 years (yes we don’t practice speech at all in French schools) and could read and write about Shakespeare?! haha – but the more I practiced the more my speech became fluent! So yeah I’m totally into the conversation thing xD

        I think I will follow your advice and try to speak more Korean (I have yet to find a Korean person to practice with haha!) and I will also try to read more stories written in Korean more often ^^ Do you think that reading them outloud would also help vocabulary/grammar forms retention and help with speech fluency?

        BTW, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about the “shadowing technique”, here’s the link to it http://koreanvitamin.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/learn-korean-with-korean-voas-english-with-yoo/
        I tried it a bit (but then I couldn’t do any Korean learning for about 2 months since I was so much into my thesis TT) so I can’t say much about it yet. Do you think it could really improve my listening and speaking skills? ^^ I’ll continue doing it while waiting for a Korean friend to show up and talk to me! haha :p

        ps: Sorry for the hug post xD

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