Japanese Extensive Reading 日本語の多読: アラジンと魔法のランプ




I slowly read Aladdin and the Magic lamp over the past three days. I’ve been really preoccupied with other things lately. Glad I got to finish the book.

I really should just sit down and finish these books instead of dragging them out over a few days. I tend to spread myself out over many different projects and things. Even when learning languages.

Bad habit, I guess. Must be a lack of focus. It’s a plague amongst creative people with no focus; Nothing gets finished. Lots of brilliant ideas but nothing to show. Well, I have a few things to show for it, but not as much as I should.

I chatted with one of my Chinese friends last night on Skype to practice Chinese. Turns out my friend started learning Japanese too. I said something in Chinese and got a blank stare back. I was quite worried. I thought for sure my Chinese was right! What happened? It turns out my friend was just thinking of what to say and then took out a big text book and then said 「ありがとうございます!」

そのため私はとても喜びました!まさか!私の中国語は正解でした!よかったな〜 笑




Since I did read every day, I’ll count it towards my consecutive daily page count. Aladdin and the magic lamp is 27 pages of reading. That’s a total of 50 pages! Gotta keep on reading and get that Japanese running through my brain. Extensive reading means extensive. I know I can do more!

I also transferred my movies music from my old mac to my new one, so now I have my Japanese music and movies to watch and listen to during my free time. Or whenever I’m doing something chill like writing this blog post.

Sometimes I fall asleep listening to anime. I used to do that back in the States too. It’s much better than falling asleep to music because your mind works at decoding the meaning until it gets tired and drops out into sleep. speaking of which Zzzzz zzzz zzzz zkfal;sjfl ;ksdmfla;fchpbuoamgx,z,naznanl;bnib

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