Japanese Extensive Reading 日本語の多読: 小泉八雲の怖い話 むじな 幽霊滝


Today I read this awesome set of scary stories.

Scary stories are my favorite! Especially in Japanese!

I love scary stories and mysteries because they are always begging you to turn the page to find out what happens. You want to solve the puzzle. You want to know if everything will be okay.

There’s about 21 pages for this book. It’s short, sweet and fun to read! I highly recommend it!

But you don’t have to take my word for it!

I’m still trying to break back into reading more and more Japanese and Korean in the hours of my free time.

The Korean is quite hard for me still, because there aren’t many good graded readers out there. So I have to do intensive reading of Korean. This takes time and is a bit painful if you do it wrong.

Luckily, I have a manga series that I’ve read in English and Japanese and loved (And I can understand 90% of the anime in Japanese). Knowing the story and loving it really helps. You’ll encounter familiar vocabulary. And it’s easier to acquire things through context because you are so familiar with it.

That’s why all these language nerds out there like to read Harry Potter. I have to be honest, I’ve never read Harry Potter. Sure I liked the movies, but I just didn’t really care to read it. Mostly because my brother was the huge Harry Potter book fan, and I didn’t really want to compete with him and read it all first.

Yeah, I guess trying to act cool and not read things because everybody else has isn’t exactly the best attitude to take. Nowadays I read whatever the heck I want.

Anyways, that doesn’t matter. I got some good material for reading Korean. It will take a while, though. Reading without a dictionary will be tough, because there’s so many words I’m unfamiliar with. So, I have to use it. Maybe I should review the words in an SRS?

No, I’m so damn lazy when it comes to keeping up with an SRS. And then eventually I just hate all of my cards. Cuz, I don’t care! I just want to keep reading. That’s why I love Extensive reading. I get to enjoy the damn story without having to consult the dictionary for every third word.

Then again, I also want to do intensive reading with Japanese. I bought so many books on my trip to Japan. I made sure to get Jump comics because they almost always have furigana.

Furigana is wonderful if you need to look things up. I don’t try to memorize oniyomi and kuniyomi. I think that’s kind of useless because there are so many pronunciations for some kanji depending on the context. Reading Kanji should be learned in context. End of story.

Anyways, about Korean. Yeah, sure I’m fluent in very small pockets of conversation and I can describe things here and there. But, honestly my lexis is very small. I’ll have to work on increasing that before I can move on to other things like reading comics without a dictionary and reading pre-teen novels.

Even those Japanese pre-teen novels are hard for me. I can try to do it, but I’d be lucky to get through a page in a few hours. Way too damn high for my level right now.

So many people out there want to get onto adult material right away. I know the feeling.

Sure I want to read about Economics, History, and compelling novels. But, It’s far too above my level for now. It is far better to take the next step on the latter than to jump up to the roof. You need to get more of the language flowing faster.

The way to do that is by with easier material. Make no mistake about it. When I came to that realization I just swallowed my pride and got some picture books and easier comics.

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