Korean Extensive Reading 한국어의 다독: 호랑이와 곶감, 선녀와 나무꾼, 해님과 달님

I finally found a few good things to read for my extensive reading in Korean!

외국인을 위한 한국전래동화 다독 라이브러리

I was so happy when I found these books at Brandi and Luni’s in Ulsan. Unfortunately, it looks like the publisher only has one series out so far. These are the best books I’ve seen! And they are really cool too! I wish there was a website for these sorts of stories. Even though I make stories with my tutor, it’s nice to just sit down with a book and read sometimes.

I’ve read 3 books already and I plan on finishing the other two early tomorrow morning.

호랑이와 곶감, 선녀와 나무꾼, 해님과 달님

I also got a really cool book that I can actually read without too much trouble. This book is maybe a step above my level of reading. Perhaps even 2 steps above my reading ability. But It uses both languages! Japanese and Korean! It has dialogues and explanations in both languages. The Japanese doesn’t have any furigana, but most of the Kanji is simple. if I don’t know the word, I can usually figure it out by looking at the Korean. I’ll be reading more from this book tomorrow as well.

내겐 너무 매운 한국 私にはとてもカライ韓国

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