Japanese Tracking New Plan: Day 1

Today I watched 2 hours of intermediate level Japanese videos. “Nihongo de kurasou”

My brain is kinda fried right now from watching so many of those. The Japanese is fast. And sometimes I can’t understand the Korean girl. The Sensei speaks pretty fast. I have to pause and go back a lot. But, I understand most of it. That’s the important thing. These videos are pretty cool, and it’s really helping me speed up and learn polite Japanese. Very useful for living in Japan kind of Japanese.

My concentration was a the max. I can only concentrate for so long until burnout. This is good in a way. However, unlike a person, it’s not going to lower the level of language to help me not burn out so much.

I also studied Vocab from the book. I went over the JLPT N5 nouns that I didn’t know. And by don’t know, I mean I don’t know the meaning right away. If I have to take some time to come up with the meaning, I don’t know it. It needs to be lightening quick.

Then after, I wrote all of the N5 verbs that I didn’t know on flashcards and looked them up. I took my time to get the right stroke order from some of the Kanji I wasn’t sure of.

Tomorrow I will review all of the cards and test myself on them in addition to the previous ones.

Also, I finished the first red book and it’s stories, and I’m onto the first story of the second red book.

The stories at the end of the first red book got extremely more difficult as there were totally new words thrown at me in every sentence. Too many for me to read without a dictionary. I guess that’s not for Extensive reading after all. But It’s not so intense. Also the grammar isn’t for beginners. There was a little repetition in the stories, but not much. It was a bit hard. たくさん時間が掛かりましたね。

I listened to a few stories from the first book on the audio CD’s too.

I found myself taking lots of little breaks here and there. Perhaps because I’m not used to doing all of this, I get tired and burned out easily. But I know that I’m on track. My brain is telling me now that I need some sleep.

I still feel I could have done more. With time, I’ll get faster at all of this and will be able to handle more. I didn’t review the Anki cards today. Oh well. I’ll have to do that tomorrow. No big deal because I set it to 10 new cards a day. I can handle it.

In summary:

  • 2 Hours of easy videos
  • 15 minutes of 3 stories from Audio CD’s
  • 1.5 hours of testing, reviewing and learning new vocabulary.
  • 1.5 hours of semi-intensive reading.

5 hours 15 minutes throughout the day. Not bad. I can do more. Tomorrow I will stick to a tighter schedule to get in more reading and listening as well as a few more videos. 😀

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