Japanese Tracking New Plan: Day 2

Here’s day two! What did I do?


I tested and reviewed the new cards and the old cards. The old ones were the nouns and the new ones were the verbs for the JLPT5 vocab list. I realized that the book I had was somewhat incomplete. So I picked up a new book that is very similar but more complete. Also the font is bigger which is nice.

Here is the new book:

JLPT Vocabulary Book N1-N5

Watching easy videos

I pushed through two hours of videos again. I think I did a little better. Sometimes it was really hard to pick out what they were saying. But I just hit replay to get it and looked up stuff I didn’t know.


I only read for about an hour today. I read through two stories again. Again, the book has a lot of new words for each page for me. So it’s kind of intensive. Tomorrow I should do some more extensive type reading in addition to the red books.


I went through all of my Anki cards from the grammar deck. I decided to increase the new cards to 20 instead of 10. I feel more and more confident with my learning from this Anki thing. I understand the sentences quicker and the meaning of the grammar examples and how the syntax works. More and more I get it. The little things are popping out to me. I see the little things more clearly now.

Anki says I did 369 reviews today. It went by so fast. I must have spent about an hour and a half, but I wasn’t keeping track. I was just going to town on it.

I find that if I am more honest with Anki, I feel better and I can train my responses to be quicker. I train my brain to know exactly what the sentence means in a split second. That’s what I need for conversation and listening. I don’t have time to hum and haw and ask people to repeat every other sentence more slowly.


Overall I feel like I took more care and slowed down to get things right today. I didn’t feel rushed, which is a good feeling. I know I will improve best with this attitude.

  • Vocab: 1.5 hours
  • Grammar: 1.5 hours
  • Easy Videos: 2 hours
  • Reading: 1 hour

Total: 6 hours

I did do a little better today, but I still feel I could have done more. Without the extensive reading, I feel kind of empty. Weird…

Onto day three! Going to incorporate extensive reading before reading the stories from the red books.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Tracking New Plan: Day 2

  1. I find that consistently switching between extensive and intensive reading is the best for increasing your ability to maintain what you’ve just learned. Usually I’ll do intensive reading (usually a novel) in the evening and then before bed I do my extensive reading (manga) for fun. The intensive reading helps me increase new vocab and has me look for new grammar while the extensive reading helps my brain to wind down but still remain in Japanese mode. The fun part is that I often see what I read in the manga show up in the novel the next day!

    • That’s awesome! Manga is still a little bit too hard for me for extensive reading right now. I can’t wait to be able to pick up a manga and just read it without having to look up all of the words. Like actually enjoy it and finish a book in an hour or so.

      Thanks for the comment! It really keeps me motivated! 😀

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