Japanese Tracking New Plan: Day 3

Gaaah, I fell asleep at… I’m guessing 8pm. But not actually sure.

Anyways tracking for yesterday.


I did do 2 hours of extensive reading! YAY! But no intensive reading. I took a nap in the afternoon which sucked up a lot of time. Oh well.

I did read 3 Curious Georges and one of the level 2 graded readers from the NPO 多言語多読.

Curious George was hard cuz there’s no 漢字(kanji). I feel like it took so long. But I guess it wasn’t so bad.

I’m normally a slow reader in English too.

By the last book, I was so tired. My brain.


I studied all of the JLPT N5 vocabulary from the first book. Then I took an hour and a half carefully making flashcards for the N4 noun section of the new book. If there was a word that I didn’t know well from the 漢字(kanji)、then I made a flashcard. Some words were completely new.

I’m so happy I decided to actually study vocab. It lets me know where I am with Japanese as far as vocab goes. I know what I don’t know and what I need to know. And I’m feeling pretty good about the flashcards. Maybe a week into it I will have trouble keeping up with all of the cards.

No golden list crap for me. It’s all straight up grit flashcards. It took me about 30 minutes to review all of the cards properly and 1.5 hours to write out the flash cards while carefully going over the meaning and the stroke order for the 漢字 (kanji).


Don't Ignore Anki!
No Anki! Oh dear. I didn’t do any Anki reviews. Instead I slept.


I watched the last Nihongo de Kurasou. Then I watched a few other videos for beginners on youtube like Nihongo Dekimasu.


  • Videos: 2 hours
  • Reading: 2 hours Extensive
  • Grammar: 0 Hours
  • Vocabulary: 2 Hours

Total: 6 hours

Not bad. It felt like I did a whole lot less yesterday, though. When I track it, I actually see what’s going on.

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