Japanese Tracking New Plan: Day 4

Day 4 already? This is good. I feel like I’m moving somewhere. But today I was particularly lazy and tired. I didn’t do anything till after 12:30. Actually I can’t remember If I took a nap or not. I should have slept in more.

I did attend the LanguageCast Meetup in Busan tonight. I love going to them meetups. You get to meet a lot of chill peeps. Wish I could have stayed longer to meet some more shiny happy people.


So I decided to stay with the book’s suggestion of doing 2 pages a day. The book has a layout where if you follow the study schedule, you will get through one level of the JLPT vocab levels in about a month. So it should take you 5 months to get through the book (N1 – N5). That’s pretty cool.

Yesterday I did two days worth, and I could see that was too much for me.It took an hour and a half to review it. It took a half hour to write the words for today to flashcards. Actually I didn’t write all of them, but I did write the definitions in English on the pages in the book while I was on the train to the language Meetup in Busan.

I’ll review day 3’s N4 vocab set from the book tomorrow on my flashcards, and then write down and go over day 4’s afterwards.

Again, I’m feeling good about the vocab. I saw some of the words appear in the book that I was reading today which made me feel great.


Only extensive reading. Again, I was lazy. I did 1.5 hours. This is from the first red book, though. This is good because I knew all of the words because I looked them up the first time I was reading it. Again, they are semi-intensive. Just a few too many levels above due to the vocab and sometimes more involved sentence structures. Not for beginners at all.


Yes, I did do Anki! Woot! Not much to talk about. There was only about 40 cards to review. But I did feel pretty good about them. I’m getting through the sentences much faster and I surprise myself when I remember the readings of the Kanji.

Now I have to note, if I didn’t before, that these are grammar examples with English translations. Not actual grammar rules.



Nope, not even one. Maybe I’ll watch one before bed. like I said. It was a lazy day.


  • Vocab: 2 hours
  • Reading: 1.5 hours
  • Grammar: 30 mins
  • Video: 0 hours

Total: 4 hours

Goals for tomorrow: Read an article from the News Web Easy site. Do 2 full hours of Extensive reading. Get some intensive reading in. Do Anki reps. Watch an hour of videos. Take the vocab slowly but consistently.

I wanna make it through the month with the vocab. It’s my weakest area which really just kills me. I know reading helps to solidify the acquisition of vocab too, so I have to keep up with the reading as well.

I still feel that I need more audio or video in this. I’ll have to think about how I can do that.

Aaah! I can try to just say no to English vids for tomorrow. Let’s try that! It’ll be hard, but gotta start somewhere.

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