Japanese Tracking New Plan: Day 5


Today was a normal working day.


Took longer than I thought to write out the cards. But the review took just as long. In total I spent an hour with vocabulary.


Finished all of my Anki cards. Wasn’t much. Maybe 38. About 20 minutes.


I did do 2 hours of extensive reading. The two hours was fun. I got through six of the level two books. I’ve read these ones before, but this time I understood everything. It actually took 2 hours and 10 minutes, cuz I just had to finish the last book that I was on. Once I start I have to just keep on going. Wish I started earlier with the reading.

The intensive reading was only 30 minutes. But It was good. I got halfway through one of the stories in the red book. I was pretty tired at this point but still had a lot of momentum from the extensive reading.


I watched some anime I’ve seen over and over. I used a dictionary to pick out words I didn’t know and then I replayed it. 🙂 Just an hour this time.


  • Vocab: 1 hour
  • Grammar: 20 minutes
  • Reading: 2 hours 40 minutes
  • Video: 1 hour

Total: 5 hours… ZZzz Zzz Zzz

Not bad for a working day. I’ve been consistent and on track.

Tomorrow I will try to read an article on the NHK Web Easy site.

No English videos again. Today I did watch one short vid in English.

I want to keep the Extensive reading and the tiny bit of Intensive reading. Vocab must be studied steadily. Can’t rush it.


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