What to do with Vocab?

Gah, it’s killing me!

I got sick of the flashcards, and decided to start all over and make stories with the vocab words. Trouble is, it takes SO long, and then I have to try to memorize the story!

Here’s what I came up with restarting:



And here are all of the vocab words from day one:

挨拶 あいさつ greeting

間 あいだ between

赤ちゃん 赤ちゃん baby

あご chin/jaw

味 あじ taste

足音 あしおと footsteps (sound of)

明日 あす tomorrow

汗 あせ sweat

遊ぶ あそび play/hanging out

暑さ あつさ heat

飴 あめ hard candy

安心 あんしん Peace of mind, relief

案内 あんない Guide, Information, Assistance

以下 いか following, less than, not exceeding

以外 いがい Excepting, with the exception of

生き方 いきかた Way of life

行き方 いきかた Directions, way of doing

意見 いけん Opinion

石 いし Rock

以上 いじょう Or more, moreover

一度 いちど Once

一日中 いちにちじゅう All day

糸 いと Thread

以内 いない Within

田舎 いなか Countryside

命 いのち Life

居間 いま Living room

色紙 いろがみ Colored paper

飲酒 いんしゅう Drinking

受付 うけつけ Reception

嘘 うそ Lie

内 うち Within

内側 うちがわ Inside

裏 うら Back side, reverse side

売り場 うりば Sales floor

運 うん Luck

運転 うんてん Driving

運転手 うんてんしゅ Driver

運動 うんどう Exercise

運動会 うんどうかい Athletic meet

I think it’s quite hard, and I didn’t even use all of them. I missed six vocab words.

So, it took me like all night, and I didn’t even memorize the words. Maybe it helped a bit, but I feel like I spent way too much time on it. I’d rather spend the time where it’s more effective; reading.


I think I’ll just use the book as it is intended. I won’t make flashcards. I won’t write stories with all of the vocab words for a day. Instead, I’ll write out the meaning next to the korean translation, and then I’ll test myself on them over and over again. And move onto the next day. It shouldn’t take me more than an hour and a half at the most.

Done and done.

Now time to think about my reading plan.

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