German Volume Method (Eastern Bloc Volume Method)

I’ve been waiting for the German Volume Method to finally be disclosed by Christophe Clugston.

I finally got it last night. I read through it this morning and reading through it one more time tonight.

I will not go over any specifics of the method as those interested will have to buy the PDF for the man’s hard work. And I must say he did put a lot of time and effort into this. It’s not a bunch of anecdotes and useless rants like some of the other guys who will sell you a PDF on how to learn languages. This is actually a legitimate well researched plan.

As he says, it is heavily a left-brain approach with lots of over-learning. He goes into greater detail about why it’s important to go through the over-learning. It’s so essential to develop the language as a reflex so you can cut down on processing time. This is a hard thing accomplish with other self study methods.

I think TPRS works better, but it’s more expensive and you need a tutor who knows what he or she is doing. You also need to work around your tutor’s time. That’s what I did for Chinese. Clugston is right. You do need to learn it from people using Right-brain approaches because they are more powerful. This method is for serious self-study that can also bring powerful results if you put the work into it.

Okay, let me tell you more about the German(Eastern Bloc) Volume Method.

He also offers a right-brain extension pack for an additional $10. It’s kind of a no-brainer to get this (no pun intended.)

As he says, yes, this is a lot of hard work for the elite. These types of methods were used in the former eastern bloc countries with great results due to their amazingly efficient and well funded education system. They were leaps and bounds ahead of the US in terms of education and science considering that they had to rebuild their country after WWII. And also the US made sure the Soviet Union was very much economically isolated.

I will be writing about my experiences and progress in this blog. I will not disclose any information about how to do the method, so don’t ask me. If you are serious and you want that information go here:

For this method he talks about getting 10 good solid text books for the language. I am ordering two right now, and on my next trip to Japan I will get the rest. I have a few already, but those are in the “specialized” category and don’t cover the whole language. So I have ordered Genki I and II and I plan to get some more intermediate and advanced texts when I go to Japan in a few months to visit.

I am contemplating using this with Korean, as I already have many textbooks, however many of them are in textbooks not intended for self study. They have lots of Korean and little to no English.

I do however know a bit of Korean already. So, I think I should be fine. Luckily I am here in Korea with many wonderful beautiful Korean friends to help me along the way if I am truly stuck.

I have to be honest, I don’t want to devote too much time with Korean right now. But… I have break periods at school as well as time in the morning for Korean. And, I really only want to study Japanese after work. I really need Korean. I’m here in Korea with so much happening around me that I’m missing because of this language barrier.

And yes, it helps the lower students if I can help bridge the gap by using their L1 in my English class more often. Sorry strictly English people. Unless you are using methods such as “Where are your keys” or TPR, you need to use the L1.

Okay, more about this method;

This will suck up a lot of time. Is it worth it?

Yes, absolutely. One of the main problems I have sometimes is response time and processing time. This method helps cut down that response time and processing time. This is crucial for speaking and listening in real situations!

After reading the PDF, I really learned something about myself and what I’ve been doing. People try to reach for the stars too quickly but end up not bringing enough oxygen and fuel with them. I’ve been doing the same. And also, my consistency and tracking have been almost nonexistent. My times were best when I was actually tracking myself.

More updates to come. Maybe the Genki books will show up next week. I’m not sure. I do have other books I can use but I don’t want to start from there and skip around. I need to maintain a consistent and sequential study regimen.

More to come.

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