After day 4 of Learning Korean with the German Volume Method

It feels like I’m starting all over again. I’m using a elementary textbook produced by the Sungkyun Language Institute. “Easy to Learn Korean 1”

Easy To Learn Korean 1

I bought this book almost 11 months ago with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. My plan was to study all six books and get really fluent… and then I didn’t do that.

Yep. I know. I failed. I lost interest fast and I thought the textbooks were really boring. Also these books were made for classroom instruction because it has very little English translation.

I honestly just didn’t know what to do with the books. I made flashcards and then that got boring and I never studied from them. I lost sight of the process of studying from them. And also I didn’t see myself improving very much at all doing it on my own.

I did manage to rush through 11 chapters in the book to the part where they talk about being on the telephone. And then… 迷ってしまった〜

Now with the German Volume method, this book proves to be very handy. I’m not rushing through the chapters to see how many I can get through in a day. I’m not putting the example sentences on flash cards like I was doing.

German Volume means over learning. Repeating like crazy till you build those reflexes. You build that strong foundation. And it’s working out pretty well.

German Volume Method: WritingI noticed that I wasn’t always very fast especially at some very basic words and phrases.

In this method we write a lot. I can’t tell you how much or what times. Again, It’s not my method to give away for free. I will tell you that we write a lot and my hand hurts. And, It’s more than just writing too.


It really is truly an elite method. The more I do it, the more motivated I am. This is day 4.

I started on November 12th. I still need to keep better time tracking of the method. And I need to set up the process a little bit better.

More to come on my progress!

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