Korean with German Volume Method; Sixth day update.

Okay, so I’m using the german volume method. I still have some planning to do on my end. I’ve been doing this for six straight days. my tracking has been good, but it needs to be better. I see myself taking lots of breaks and getting distractions here and there.

I also haven’t been using Audacity much at all, as I just want to get through these sentences. But then I started to do something. I started to read aloud when I was writing. I can only imagine this is good. Because I caught myself pronouncing vowels wrong and getting tongue tied at times. then I just stopped to work it out in my mouth and in my head.

Zebra Mechanical Pencil Orange

My hands hurt and now my eyes hurt a bit. I bought a good mechanical pencil with a thick grip so my hand doesn’t hurt so much when I write for so long. It’s working. I’m not sure if it’s the pencil or if it’s because my hand is getting stronger. Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

First thing I need to do is to set up a goal for myself. I haven’t really thought about this. Should I have a time or page count? Or even a chapter count?

I think with a time limit I could get lazy and drag out the time. Therefore I should have both a time and page number goal.

I think I can do 3 pages and 4 hours of Korean study during the week until I get my Japanese textbooks. That’s including taping my voice and translating the playback. That’s about 90 pages a month.

So I would finish this textbook in 2 months? Maybe I should push myself to go through more pages… I’m no sure yet. We’ll see how well I do. Maybe I’ll get faster the more I do it.

This is why more exact measuring is so crucial. I need to see where I am and where I need to be. But most importantly I need to focus on the processes while I track my progress. Tracking really helps me keep on track. 🙂

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