Tracking Diet and Exercise

I feel like crap right now. This always happens during the winter when I’m tired and cold and crave things. I’ve been eating out of the convenience store for many days while also eating healthy foods. I feel my tummy and neck are bloated and chubby. It’s really uncomfortable when I sit down and feel my thighs and belly.

I’ve decided to track all of my food here on this blog. I hope it will be helpful as I feel I can’t really lie on this blog.

What am I doing? I’m going to first get rid of the sweet cravings I have for high processed junk food. Some of that stuff wasn’t vegan. I’ll be doing a water fast for at least a day. I want to try for three days to make sure I cleanse myself. I don’t want to be on it for too long.

Then I’m going to follow a nutritarian diet promoted by Dr. Furhman for 8 weeks.

I also I’ll be attending the gym at least 3 times per week. I’ll start out with light workouts and weight lifting with half of what I think I can lift for 4 weeks. Then, I’ll kick it up to what I think I can lift for another 4 weeks.

I’ll be tracking it daily in a notebook and taking pictures on my phone. I can’t let what happens to me every winter get the best of me.

After the 8 weeks of dieting, I’ll still go to the gym, and perhaps fall back on a more Mc Dougall diet by introducing sweet potatoes and rice and other whole food starches into the diet.

Tracking is essential, as I see how it’s playing a role in my language learning efforts right now.

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