Volume Method – Japanese Day 15

Here’s a quick update.

My had has started to bother me, so last Wednesday, I changed the way I hold my pencil.

I’ve always had problems with handwriting. I remember in second grade, they tried to correct it, but I just never caught on and I went back to my own way of holding a pencil.

Holding a Pencil CorrectlyI figured there’s no better time to change the way I hold my pencil even though it slowed down my writing dramatically at first, my hand doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s still hard to get used to sometimes, but it will come with practice.

This weekend was just horrible. I felt like complete crap. I only managed to get in an hour on Saturday and 45 minutes on Monday. :0 Thursday I had to help a friend out sooo… 0 hours on Thursday too. That’s why this is day 15. Got an hour in today, though.

Even though I changed the way I hold my pencil, my hand still hurts. Especially my middle finger now. I think it’s because I’m using different muscles now.

The Genki book has a lot deeper chapters with lots of examples and exercises. It’s very different from the Korean textbook I was using. So therefore, I’m writing a lot more and taking longer to get through the chapters. I’m still on Chapter 2. Mostly because I kind of crashed this weekend with my studying, but also because there are just so many examples and vocab words in the book.

On the other hand, I’m getting much better at words that are easy and simple, but I still can’t always remember. Words that I don’t use everyday, even in English. Such as 郵便局 and 時計. (Post office and watch.)

Tonight I had a Skype session with my tutor. Could not think today. So stressed out around the holidays. But as we talked, I started to get better. I kept on missing simple words and words that I should know. like 隣すぐ(right next to) and ひとりっこ (only child).

I’ve got to try to get in more hours with the Volume Method. But I can’t burn out on it. If I write for 4 hours straight, my hand will really be in trouble. A twitter friend suggested I do this pomodoro thing.

Basically, It’s just timeboxing.

Box up your time for 25 minutes, and rest for 5. If you type in Pomodoro Technique you’ll get this fancy website with a huge social media campaign. So most of you young hipsters will have heard of this before you read my post.

However, the book came out in the 80’s, so I’m sure my even mom has heard of it before. Google it to find out more.

So, it’s simple. 25 minute time boxes, so I don’t burn out. Easy. Done. Advice taken.

We’ll see how many hours I can get in tomorrow doing the Pomodoro technique.

2 thoughts on “Volume Method – Japanese Day 15

    • Hmmm… not exactly the wrist, just the fingers. Though, I’m sure any bad posture will lead to pain in other places…

      Example sentences are example sentences. These can be dialogues or grammar examples, etc. Though perhaps we can ask about that in the g-chat meeting.

      Good luck with your studies!

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