New year post, diet, exercise, and study

Happy 2014 everyone! This year is gonna kick butt!

Today I did 1 hour and 3 minutes studying via the Volume method, and 25 minutes extensive reading.

I seem to be doing it late at night. I’ll try to get an earlier start tomorrow.

I’m going to be tracking a new diet that I’m on. It’s called the rice diet. Basically it’s what I’ve been doing last summer for most of my meals. It’s low salt and low fat, but high in carbs. I’ll track this with my weight over the next few weeks with a cool app called Cron-O-Meter.

Cron-o-meter screen Grab


As you can see, I ate pretty simple. I had 9 bananas, a cup of dry rice (cooked) and a cup of oatmeal (then cooked). I also ate 4 clementines. And I rode my bike to the beach this morning. Yay!