Pushing Hard to the finish line

Okay, so I’ve been tracking my progress with the book up till now. The word’s I’ve been learning I see pop up more and more.

I want to finish this book by the end of the month. It’s going to be a hard push, but I think I can do it. I’ve noticed myself getting faster and faster at translating and entering in the example sentences and vocabulary.

If I just focus on this, I can achieve quite a lot. Yesterday I did some extensive reading, and I noticed I could read faster and also understand a lot more. More than I thought I could. Last time I thought I understood everything, but apparently I didn’t.

Often times I’ll read when I’m very tired. Not good. But It’s at the end of the day when I have some time for reading when it’s quiet.

In the morning, I have figured out that my brain does the best with memory recall when I first wake up. It’s the best time to study and review flashcards because the mind is the most fresh. So over the past few days, I’ve been doing that, and I’ve seen some really good results. I do study and focus much better in the morning. At night my mind tends to wander more.

More updates to come.

Japanese Vocab and Sentence Drills

I’ve decided to go fully into my sentence drill book.

I can’t be beating around the bush with this. I make lots of progress, but it seems so slow. Especially when I read that so many have completed it in a month or two. It’s been since the end of January since I’ve gotten the book. And I’ve done many other forms of study besides the book, but honestly, this book has gotten me very far. I am seeing amazing results by testing and drilling from this book on Anki.

I was doing drilling with Kanji Pro as well, but I think that I won’t need to continue on with that until after I’ve gotten through a few grammar books and my other 単語 book for the N2.

I don’t have much of a goal except for to pass the N2 in December. But that’s kind of a false goal. I don’t really care to take any test until I get to Japan. I know my Japanese level is still pretty low. I mean, I’m fluent here and there, meaning I can shoot the breeze with a friend for an hour or two in Japanese, but I can’t do what I really want to. I still have many holes in my ability that I need to fill.

Drilling and reading will help me build my proficiency. I can then build up fluency even more so after I get someone who I’m constantly interacting with in Japanese.

So here’s the plan so far.

1. Keep on drilling with Anki and the 漢字単語ドリル book.

日本語単語のドリル 2級

2. Finish the book and move on to drilling with the どんな時どう使う日本語表現文型辞典


3. Continue Extensive reading throughout all of this. This will really help me to stay focused and get those thousands of repetitions and thoughts that I need to consistently build the language in my head. I’ve recently bought many readers. Some are still a little hard, but I’ll go along with the easy ones at the beginning and work my way up.