Almost there! Stay on Target!

I’m almost finished with the book. I got sidetracked a little bit, but still feeling good about my pace.

On Saturday, I worked at a special program in the morning, and then I hung out with friends at the beach until 10:30pm. Yeah it was just one of those kinds of days.

Yesterday, I just felt awful, but I still managed to study and add a few pages into Anki from the book.

Today was my best day. I got some good sleep the night before, and I exercised with a low impact fast paced walk before and after work today. It really got my energy and mind up in the right spot. I stayed focused and did my reviews while learning new words.

Now I have 13 more pages left to study from the book. If I take it easy, I should finish the book by thursday.

I can’t believe it took me so long. But I got sidetracked so many times, and I did other things too. There was a month where I didn’t do any reviews or anything and it just kept on piling up. But I’m glad I stuck with it and mounted it. Now it’s a sprint to the finish line.

After this? On to the grammar book! YAY!

Plenty of examples to get practice with, and it has all of the grammar that you’ll need for all of the JLPT levels.

After that book?

I’m going to take a month for reading all of the graded readers that I have. I’ll also be doing semi-intensive reading during that time too. Just with the easy science books for kids. I bought so many of them from amazon in January, and I’ve only made it through one of the books. It’s super interesting and fun to read!

After that month? More vocabulary. I’ll study with the book that my fiancee’s mother bought me in the book store. YAY!

Okay. It’s almost 9 and I’m tired. Nighty night, ya’ll!

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