Glossika Mass Sentences: Korean


I have recently acquired the Glossika Mass Sentences course for Korean, and pre-ordered (at a special price) the Japanese version too.

I find it quite impressive. It’s sentence drilling that’s finely structured. I’m finding that some of the sentences are very conversational based. You have to be careful to use the right register in Korean, but honestly, I know how to use the right register. That’s not my problem. My problem is fluency and also vocabulary. With a fluency first attitude, this course comes roaring in with guns blazing.

This course is not for beginners. It’s definitely for those who’ve had a few language courses or at least a year or two of self study in Korean.  If you can read Korean quickly, it’s even better. If not, it seems not be a problem, but I don’t have that perspective to make that claim.

In the course he gives you a few ways to drill yourself. And also, he gives you a spaced repetition track to for the sentences. He encourages dictation and substitution drills on the GSM. There are is a A, B, and C track for each group of sentences. The A track is a straight up English and Korean pair. Track B has the pair with a space in between which is perfect for interpreting and checking. And finally, there is a straight up Korean only track.

I finished reading the intro to the course in the PDF and I’ll start tomorrow while writing about the experience. It should be interesting. It shouldn’t take a little more than an hour of my time per day, but I think I’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

What’s gonna happen to my Japanese?

Well, I’m not going to abandon Japanese either. Infact, most of my study time will be spent on Japanese. But I’m thinking of restructuring my study a little smarter. This GSM has given me some more motivation. There’ll be more on that tomorrow.

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