GMS Korean: Day 2

GlossikaKoreanToday I did the mass sentences a little bit later than yesterday. I started around 7pm and ended a little at 8:25.

I’ll admit I did the recording when I was a little bit tired. Also, my throat is all blocked up with phlegm. Yummy!

I’ll have to take back what I said about the sentences being too casual with little regard to register. It switches between many different registers, so you get used to saying different ones at different times. I was just surprised to see 이야 and 이다. I hear it all the time, but I rarely read it in a Korean textbook. Especially at the start.

Glossika does seem to be more realistic about how people actually speak.

Here’s my embarrassing recording for today. YAY! I mean, it’s not terrible.. but oh geeze do I sound tired and slow. Yuck!

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