GMS Korean: Day 3

Today I started a little bit earlier and had more time to practice the sentences and record my voice. I feel the hard things are becoming easier for me. I’m also discovering things that I was confident on are not as developed as I would like.

I was a little unmotivated today. When I was studying Korean I kept telling myself it would only be an hour and I could get back to hacking away on Anki with Japanese. But once I broke into the book, it was quite fun. I felt things going quicker, and I could pick out the words better from the native speaker.

I have been learning Korean off and on for a while now, so I couldn’t tell you if a beginner would have the same results on the third day. I don’t think a beginner could get through the first 50 by the third day. Though I can’t call myself an intermediate. My lexus is very limited at best.

Anyways, today it took me around 24 minutes to do dictation. This is quite a bit shorter than yesterday. That’s where I noticed the most gains. But hey, it’s only day 3. I just hadn’t written Korean in a while so that’s why it took me so long on the first couple of days.

Here’s today’s recording. I still have that throat thing like everyone else around this area. And also, I’m a still a bit tired. After listening to the recording I can see where my pronunciation is off. 배고파 sounds like 배고바 :/

But the one thing I did do this time was very useful. I took a walk right after dictation. Just a short walk down the road and picked myself up a can of tea.

Taking a break is crucial to learning. I watched a youtube video with a professor on how to study. He said you need to take a 5 minute break for every 25 minutes of study. Otherwise your attention and focus fall dramatically.

I’ll keep these breaks in mind tomorrow. 🙂

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