Back onto Anki and Rescheduling GMS.

Well, I wasn’t completely off. I got interested in getting back onto my Anki cards. I knocked out quite a few over the days, and today I want to knock out quite a bit more so I can start studying Japanese grammar hardcore like I did with the vocabulary last spring.

I was really focused, and I noticed significant gains in my progress. But I stopped mid summer till now. This was when I got back onto Korean. I’m still going to follow through with Korean, but I’ll have to do it on my off periods at work. That’s where it would do most good because I’m in a Korean environment hearing Korean everywhere anyways. I’m not motivated to learn Korean when I get home. I want to learn Japanese when I get back home with all of my Japanese materials staring me in the face.

In fact, I’m more interested in now to follow through with the German Volume Method. I need to keep on building that foundation. There’s so many things that I want to do, but it feels like there’s so little time. I have to focus on building up the foundation more and more. I’ll have to do something with the NHK news as well. That will have a lot of the foundational words that I need.

And also, I have to just plough through the Kanji-pro book. I’m on that plateau and the only way to really raise myself up is to work harder. Not only that, I have to work smarter. I’ll set a 15 minute timer on Activities with a 5 minute break. We’ll track the progress here and see what happens.

When I’ve done timeboxing before, It’s worked so much better than not having any plan at all.

There’s so many books and things I want to watch and do in Japanese, but in order to really enjoy them I have to have the basics. The foundation is paramount to my success.

Also, I’ve had these right-brained study approaches  on my mind as well. I’ll have to set up time use the Growing Participator Approach (GPA) with my wife.

I’ll have to describe those things as well and track them in a book. Whenever I tracked my progress (like with the German Volume Method) my progress was steady and I kept on improving everyday.

Time for some more Anki with a quick blog post on my report to follow. 🙂

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