Top Useful Commander Cards from Fate Reforged: Mythic Rares

Fate Reforged has been released! This is the final post for this series. If you didn’t check out the previous posts from last week, go ahead and read those ones after.

Now we’re going to finally go over the Mythic rares from this set. It’s hard to rank these for Commander as different people will have them for different purposes. Let’s take a look at why you could use these cards in your deck. These are not ranked in any particular order. There’s only 10 of them in this set.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Pros: Ugin is a mighty fine planeswalker. If you have him out, you’re probably winning the game if nobody’s attacking him. He’s also an effective board wipe when he comes onto the board. He’s amazing in an artifact deck. In three turns you’ll have massive card advantage and a decent board state.

Cons: Not as useful against other artifact decks.

Monastery Mentor

Monastery Mentor

Pros: Works well in a token deck that’s also carrying a bunch of cantrips.

Cons: Just a 2/2 if you’re not putting in a bunch of non-creature spells.

Soulfire Grand Master

Soulfire Grand Master

Pros: Makes your instants and sorceries have buyback AND gives them lifelink. Think about an earth quake effect. Perfect!

Cons: A buyback of 4 is expensive.

Temporal Trespass

Temporal Trespass

 Pros: Take an extra turn after this one. Getting an extra attack phase can win a game in commander.

Cons: Dies to Ugin’s nexus. Three mana plus 8 cards in your graveyard to sac. You have to ask yourself if it’s worth taking an extra turn to get in an extra attack phase, and untap you lands. If you need more cards in hand, it’s probably not the best move to make. Exile’s itself.

Torrent Elemental

Torrent Elemental

Pros: Gets itself un-exiled. That’s cool. Kills your opponents defense.

Cons: It’s a 3/5, not a 5/5.

Brutal Hordechief

Brutal Hordechief

Pros: Your swarms kill before they do any combat damage. You can also have creatures block your death touchers and let the rest of the damage go through to your opponent.

Cons: dies easily to removal.

Ghastly Conscription

Ghastly Conscription

Pros: Dump all of your creatures into your graveyard, and then they come back!

Cons: A simple pyroclasm will knock out all of the creatures.

Shaman of the Great Hunt

Shaman of the Great Hunt

Pros: Haste. Ferocious gives you big draw! And you can do it over and over again for as long as you can pay 4.

Cons: It’s not in Abzan colors.

Warden of the First Tree

Warden of the First Tree

Pros: Can level up quickly and keep on leveling up.

Cons: He’s just a 1/1 when he comes out. People will either let him go, or bump him off.

Whisperwood Elemental

Whisperwood Elemental

Pros: Every turn, just manifest the top card of your library, including the turn he comes out! Sacrifice him to save your board position from a board wipe.

Cons: 5 mana for a green 4/4 with no trample. But honestly, he doesn’t need trample. You’re not attacking with him, I hope.

That’s it for the mythic rares in this set. If you drafted this weekend perhaps you’ve picked up some of these guys. There’s nothing too ground shattering as far as Commander goes in this set, just a bunch of fun cards to play with.

Top 12 useful Commander cards from Fate Reforged: Rares

Today we’re going to take a look at the rares from Fate Reforged. Again it’s extremely hard to rate these in terms of usefulness in Commander because each deck will have different strategies. Some of the cards I picked will only go in specific decks, while others will be more universal.

Mastery of the Unseen

#12: Mastery of the Unseen

Pros: Because we’re gonna make a morph deck more viable in commander! You can manifest on a stick as long as you have the mana for it!

Cons: Costly manifesting. Dies to Disenchant.


#11: Soulflayer

Pros: 2 mana for a 4/4 with all the abilities (or none).

Cons: You have to exile some cool creatures that you could have just reanimated for more value. In which case, this guy might be a late game card depending on your strategy. If you can fill up your graveyard fast, it might be worth it, but again reanimation might be a better strategy.

Sandsteppe Mastodon

#10: Sandsteppe Mastodon

Pros: 5/5 with reach. Puts counters on your little guy, or himself. One more reason to buy a Doubling Season. There’s also probably a pretty sick combo with persist somewhere.

Cons: Dies to removal. Probably hard to get those tusks untangled.

Supplant Form

#9: Supplant Form

Pros: Bounce and copy your opponent’s commander.

Cons: Not a clone or impersonator. Targets.

Archfiend of Depravity

#8: Archfiend of Depravity

Pros: 5/4 flying for 5, and he wipes away your opponents swarm each turn.

Cons: Dies to removal. Big target.

Flamerush Rider

#7: Flamerush Rider

Pros: Attack with Doubling Season and some ETB creatures. Many possible combos. Evades board wipes.

Cons: Dies to instant removal and will be a big target. Might get annoying. STOP DASHING! JUST STOP IT!


#6: Arcbond

Pros: Instant board wipe in combat. Target your 1/1 bird. Block your opponent’s killer 7/7 flier. Arcbond!!! Also did you read that flavor text?

Cons: It’s damage, which is worse than destruction because it can be prevented. Doesn’t get rid of indestructible creatures either.

Alesha, Who Smiles at Death

#5: Alesha, Who Smiles at Death

Pros: Red reanimator. 3 mana cost for a 3/2 First strike. You can make her your commander.

Cons: Dies to removal. Big target. No haste or Dash. Give this lady some boots!

Frontier Siege

#4: Frontier Siege

Pros: 4 free mana on my turn? Yes please! In late game the second mode might be more valuable if you’re playing a dragon deck.

Cons: Dies to disenchant. Green doesn’t have that many fliers, so you need to be running more than just a green deck to get the most value out of this card.

Silumgar, the Drifting Death

#3: All of the Rare Dragons!

They are awesome even if you’re not going for dragon tribal. But the best rare dragon for Commander IMHO is Silumgar, the Drifting Death.

Pros: Flying, hexproof legend for 6. Wipes out 1/1 tokens. Very strong in Dragon tribal.

Cons: 6 casting cost for a commander is a little slow especially in blue and black. Attack power is only 3. No haste.

Crux of Fate

#2: Crux of Fate

Pros: Cool black board wipe. Play it in a dragon deck. Look at that flavor text. Cool art too.

Cons: Not Damnation. Things can be regenerated.

But honestly how many people are playing with regenerate? Most people don’t bother with that nowadays. If creatures are put into a deck, it’s usually not for regenerate. I haven’t seen regenerate as a dominant strategy. It’s more of a second thought like, “Oh this guy can be regenerated, that’s cool.”

Hey look! I’ve built a regenerate deck! Look at my Wall of Bones! Take that Crux of Fate! Yeah… not gonna happen. Anyways…

Mob Rule

#1: Mob Rule

Pros: Red Control! Get your opponents elves, or get the brutes! Multi-player? Yes please! Where’s my sac outlet? Hey look! There’s a picture of the Hooting Mandrills attacking people on it!

I see… in the past the Mandrills hooted the humans out of the Sultai clan!

Cons: It’s not all the creatures. Can only play it on your turn.

That’s it for the rares in this set. Some of the other rares that I didn’t talk about here are probably a must for your deck. But again, it all depends on your deck’s strategy.

So, should you be using any of the mythics from this set? Some look amazing for Standard and even Modern! How useful are they for commander? We’ll talk about that in the next upcoming article.

Top 10 useful Commander cards from Fate Reforged: Uncommons

Yesterday we talked about the commons, now onto the uncommons for Commander. It’s hard to rank all of these cards as every deck will use these cards differently. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Only time and lots of playing can determine how useful these cards can be. Here’s my top 10!

Valorous Stance #10: Valorous Stance

Pros: Kill a beast, or save something from a board wipe.

Cons: One time effect. Limited removal.

Dark Deal

#9: Dark Deal

Pros: This is awesome in any deck that plays graveyard shenanigans, or just a plain old mean discard deck. Dark deal, then bog a graveyard. Boom! It’s not as mean as Myojin (who must be countered). If you’re playing a Hell-bent deck, you could get rid of your own hand quickly while messing with the other player’s hands.

Cons: Sorcery speed. You lose 2 cards in your hand when you play this one. Hard to play if you have 2 cards in your hand. Are you playing a Hell-bent deck? Probably not.

Mardu Woe-Reaper#8 Mardu Woe-Reaper

Pros: Awesome in warrior tribal. Awesome against Anger or any other graveyard shenanigans creature for 1 mana.

Cons: Not a soul sister. Not a Death Rite Shaman. It doesn’t have flash to deal with the Eldrazi.

Renowned Weaponsmith#7: Renowned Weaponsmith

Pros: He tutors and is a mana elf for a blue artifact deck. There might be a complicated combo with him if you can get him to untap.

Cons: Heart piercer bow isn’t amazing for commander, and we don’t know what Vial of Dragonfire is yet. Also, the mana is only for artifacts.

Reality Shift

#6: Reality Shift

Pros: Blue exile spell for two mana.

Cons: Targets. Commanders don’t care if they are exiled. Manifests your opponent’s top card of the deck.

Break Through the Line #5: Break Through the Line

Pros: I like it for the little creatures that do something when you damage an opponent. Daxos comes to mind if you’re playing Jeskai colors. Sticking strictly to red, I can think of a turn three shocker that kills the control player who likes their hand.

Cons: Dies to disenchant. Power 2 or greater won’t do much damage to a player.

Fruit of the First Tree#4: Fruit of the First Tree

Pros: You can put it on your opponent’s creature and cast a board wipe, or even some spot removal. If you’ve got a big beast out, put it on them before you wipe. Again green card draw is awesome! And you know other decks are running wipes. This might delay them for a bit.

Cons: Dies to disenchants, bouncing, and exiling effects.

Merciless Executioner

#3: Merciless Executioner

Pros: Beats Hexproof Voltron commanders. A good sac outlet. Great to reanimate.

Cons: Easy to kill when he’s out on he field. When he’s in the battle field he just sits there holding his ax.

Abzan Beastmaster

#2: Abzan Beastmaster

Pros: Reliable card draw for green. Most of the time you’ll have a big beastly creature on the board in green. Refilling your hand in green can be slow. This one will make sure you can do it quickly.

Cons: He’s 2/1 that can die pretty easily if you don’t have some protection on it.

Hero's Blade

#1: Hero’s Blade

Pros: Free pump for your commander. Goes into any Voltron deck. Goes into any Commander deck. It’s almost as useful as the boots or the cloak! If your commander already has haste, “bam!” 3 more points of commander damage the turn you bring out the general.

Cons: High equip cost for non legendary creatures. Might take up a slot where boots could go. Dies to removal. Doesn’t give your creature hex proof or shroud.

Top 8 useful Commander cards from Fate Reforged: Commons

Fate Reforged is set to release this coming weekend. Pre-release was a blast like always. There’s some really interesting interactions with the new mechanics. My favorite has to be Manifest, Dash, and Bolster in that order.

Let’s just get right into it. Here are the top 8 useful common cards for commander:

Sultai Emissary

#8: Sultai Emissary

Pros: Manifest is still new, but I can see the potential. Most won’t want to kill this one because it trades up for a 2/2 that could be a decent creature. If it’s not a creature, you could run this in blue and bounce the card that you need to your hand. Or just kill the manifest and have it in your grave yard. Seems like something good for a heavy dredge deck or black/blue control deck.

Cons: Just a 1/1 that doesn’t do anything super amazing. Manifest is new and it might not be super effective in Commander. I don’t see many Morph decks in Commander, yet.

#7: Tasigur’s Cruelty

Pros: Possible 1 drop syphon mind-like spell. Supports discard decks. Cool flavor text.

Cons: Discard is a double edged sword. Some players play straight out of the graveyard. Discard also draws some hate even from the graveyard players. No cards in the graveyard make this one an expensive 6 drop. Not an early game card.

#6: Whisk Away

Pros: Hilariously bounce a commander to the library.

Cons: Targets. Needs a shuffle spell to make it worth it. Only works during battle.

#5: War Flare

Pros: Boros Defense. A surprise for the opponent who wants to swing back at you after you attacked with everything.

Cons: You need 4 mana up for it.

Harsh Sustenance

#4: Harsh Sustenance

Pros: Works great in swarm decks. Works well in a token deck.

Cons: Late game card. It’s not green.

Lightning Shrieker

#3: Lightning Shrieker

Pros: Hilarious dragon swings in for 5 damage, returns to your library. Shuffles your library. Doesn’t get board wiped easily. Did I mention he’s a dragon?

Cons: He’s a bad lava ax.

Whisperer of the Wilds

#2: Whisperer of the Wilds

Pros: It’s a great mana creature for a deck full of fatties.

Cons: 0/2 for 2 mana. Not an elf.

Return to the Earth

#1: Return to the Earth

Pros: Almost a putrefy and mortify, but mono-colored.

Cons: Costs a little more and the creature removal is limited to fliers. Targets.

I hope you enjoyed the top 8 useful commons for Commander in Fate Reforged. Stay tuned tomorrow for the useful Uncommons.