Top 8 useful Commander cards from Fate Reforged: Commons

Fate Reforged is set to release this coming weekend. Pre-release was a blast like always. There’s some really interesting interactions with the new mechanics. My favorite has to be Manifest, Dash, and Bolster in that order.

Let’s just get right into it. Here are the top 8 useful common cards for commander:

Sultai Emissary

#8: Sultai Emissary

Pros: Manifest is still new, but I can see the potential. Most won’t want to kill this one because it trades up for a 2/2 that could be a decent creature. If it’s not a creature, you could run this in blue and bounce the card that you need to your hand. Or just kill the manifest and have it in your grave yard. Seems like something good for a heavy dredge deck or black/blue control deck.

Cons: Just a 1/1 that doesn’t do anything super amazing. Manifest is new and it might not be super effective in Commander. I don’t see many Morph decks in Commander, yet.

#7: Tasigur’s Cruelty

Pros: Possible 1 drop syphon mind-like spell. Supports discard decks. Cool flavor text.

Cons: Discard is a double edged sword. Some players play straight out of the graveyard. Discard also draws some hate even from the graveyard players. No cards in the graveyard make this one an expensive 6 drop. Not an early game card.

#6: Whisk Away

Pros: Hilariously bounce a commander to the library.

Cons: Targets. Needs a shuffle spell to make it worth it. Only works during battle.

#5: War Flare

Pros: Boros Defense. A surprise for the opponent who wants to swing back at you after you attacked with everything.

Cons: You need 4 mana up for it.

Harsh Sustenance

#4: Harsh Sustenance

Pros: Works great in swarm decks. Works well in a token deck.

Cons: Late game card. It’s not green.

Lightning Shrieker

#3: Lightning Shrieker

Pros: Hilarious dragon swings in for 5 damage, returns to your library. Shuffles your library. Doesn’t get board wiped easily. Did I mention he’s a dragon?

Cons: He’s a bad lava ax.

Whisperer of the Wilds

#2: Whisperer of the Wilds

Pros: It’s a great mana creature for a deck full of fatties.

Cons: 0/2 for 2 mana. Not an elf.

Return to the Earth

#1: Return to the Earth

Pros: Almost a putrefy and mortify, but mono-colored.

Cons: Costs a little more and the creature removal is limited to fliers. Targets.

I hope you enjoyed the top 8 useful commons for Commander in Fate Reforged. Stay tuned tomorrow for the useful Uncommons.

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