Top 10 useful Commander cards from Fate Reforged: Uncommons

Yesterday we talked about the commons, now onto the uncommons for Commander. It’s hard to rank all of these cards as every deck will use these cards differently. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Only time and lots of playing can determine how useful these cards can be. Here’s my top 10!

Valorous Stance #10: Valorous Stance

Pros: Kill a beast, or save something from a board wipe.

Cons: One time effect. Limited removal.

Dark Deal

#9: Dark Deal

Pros: This is awesome in any deck that plays graveyard shenanigans, or just a plain old mean discard deck. Dark deal, then bog a graveyard. Boom! It’s not as mean as Myojin (who must be countered). If you’re playing a Hell-bent deck, you could get rid of your own hand quickly while messing with the other player’s hands.

Cons: Sorcery speed. You lose 2 cards in your hand when you play this one. Hard to play if you have 2 cards in your hand. Are you playing a Hell-bent deck? Probably not.

Mardu Woe-Reaper#8 Mardu Woe-Reaper

Pros: Awesome in warrior tribal. Awesome against Anger or any other graveyard shenanigans creature for 1 mana.

Cons: Not a soul sister. Not a Death Rite Shaman. It doesn’t have flash to deal with the Eldrazi.

Renowned Weaponsmith#7: Renowned Weaponsmith

Pros: He tutors and is a mana elf for a blue artifact deck. There might be a complicated combo with him if you can get him to untap.

Cons: Heart piercer bow isn’t amazing for commander, and we don’t know what Vial of Dragonfire is yet. Also, the mana is only for artifacts.

Reality Shift

#6: Reality Shift

Pros: Blue exile spell for two mana.

Cons: Targets. Commanders don’t care if they are exiled. Manifests your opponent’s top card of the deck.

Break Through the Line #5: Break Through the Line

Pros: I like it for the little creatures that do something when you damage an opponent. Daxos comes to mind if you’re playing Jeskai colors. Sticking strictly to red, I can think of a turn three shocker that kills the control player who likes their hand.

Cons: Dies to disenchant. Power 2 or greater won’t do much damage to a player.

Fruit of the First Tree#4: Fruit of the First Tree

Pros: You can put it on your opponent’s creature and cast a board wipe, or even some spot removal. If you’ve got a big beast out, put it on them before you wipe. Again green card draw is awesome! And you know other decks are running wipes. This might delay them for a bit.

Cons: Dies to disenchants, bouncing, and exiling effects.

Merciless Executioner

#3: Merciless Executioner

Pros: Beats Hexproof Voltron commanders. A good sac outlet. Great to reanimate.

Cons: Easy to kill when he’s out on he field. When he’s in the battle field he just sits there holding his ax.

Abzan Beastmaster

#2: Abzan Beastmaster

Pros: Reliable card draw for green. Most of the time you’ll have a big beastly creature on the board in green. Refilling your hand in green can be slow. This one will make sure you can do it quickly.

Cons: He’s 2/1 that can die pretty easily if you don’t have some protection on it.

Hero's Blade

#1: Hero’s Blade

Pros: Free pump for your commander. Goes into any Voltron deck. Goes into any Commander deck. It’s almost as useful as the boots or the cloak! If your commander already has haste, “bam!” 3 more points of commander damage the turn you bring out the general.

Cons: High equip cost for non legendary creatures. Might take up a slot where boots could go. Dies to removal. Doesn’t give your creature hex proof or shroud.

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