Teddy Fight: One week left

Teddy Fight Screen Shot, mid development

We are down to the final week for this month of May, and I’ll finally have a game up and running! Hurray!

I’m actually quite pleased with my own development as a programmer. Not necessarily as a game developer. Let’s be clear about that. This game is not a great game. It’s a quick and dirty fighter with not a lot of options.

Right now, the knife bear seems to be the clear choice to win the game. When you stab someone with the knife in hand, they die automatically. Also, he has range because he can throw the knife, but it’s hard to aim at a long range target, though not impossible. Thrown knife damage is not as brutal, though.

Early mid development of Teddy FightThe bomb bear might be the best for skilled play. Bombs are deadly on direct impact, but nearly deadly if you get near the blast particles. I had him initially dropping bombs in front of himself, but after some testing we found that that required too much skill and resulted in accidental running into the bomb, so the player would have to be running backwards all the time which was awkward. Therefore that got changed.

Finally we have the bat bear. The bat still seems a little bit awkwardly large for me. Perhaps we could change the size of it, but in testing it works fine. It has just enough reach for some skilled play. Working on balance to this game is key, as they clearly have different strategies.

Teddy Fight Mid Development 2Currently, I’m working on developing the environments for the bears to fight in. This also will add another layer of skill and may limit the power of the knife bear as players can take refuge behind barriers.

After that, I’ll be working on polish to make the graphics and feel of replay more interesting. Also, keeping track of winners and a record would be an ideal thing to work on as a cherry on top. However, time might not permit me to add on that extra feature. It depends on how quickly I can implement such a system.

Teddy Fight (early version)

This is the version of a game that I made for the Themebound Game Jam. The game jam ended on May 8th, 2015 at 12AM Central Standard Time.

Right now it only works as a windows executable. The Mac OSX version should be done soon.

Late Update: The Mac OSX version will not be done for this early version. I’ll publish the final version at the end of the month or beginning of June. 🙂

Windows only:

Download Teddy Fight 

You want to unzip the file and then go into the folder and click on “game.exe.”

The game right now is at a very bare bones state. It’s playable and has a win and lose case. It is two player only. There are no AI players.

If you have two game-pads you can configure the buttons to run the game. It might be more fun that way.

I spent about 4 days writing the program, and fleshing out some good code. I certainly learned a lot. I didn’t realize that you needed trigonometry for such simple things as turning and moving forward in the direction that you turned. That was quite a treat to figure out and get to work.

I used Pygame running Python 2.7 to make everything work. It’s a pretty neat little library, and it doesn’t hold your hand as much as Cocos2d or other game engines/kits.

For the rest of the month I’ll be working on a polished version of the game. The polished version will be submitted to the 1 Game A Month  game jam. This will be my first, although I’ve made a few other games before this one.

Obviously there’s a lot more work to do to make it more fun and playable. Right now all you do is mash buttons and chase each other. Not much of a fighting game… well… I guess that’s the essence of a fighting game, right? But there’s no good strategy or luck built in. So, although it’s a game, it’s not fun. Not yet.

I have a small list of things I’d like to do, such as making other weapons, barriers, and an element where you have to sneak and avoid being caught by people, because teddy bears aren’t supposed to get up and walk around.

Play the game, and tell me what you think. What do you think I should add? Leave a comment below.