Teddy Fighters: Final Version

Teddy Fight Main ScreenOkay, so I still am having trouble “freezing” the code into an executable. However, I’ll post it without an executable. If someone could figure out how to get a good executable running, I would be extremely happy.

So this thing runs on Python with Pygame.

You need to have the latest version of Python 2.

Also, you need to install Pygame.

This can get tricky on Mac. But I’ve gotten it to work. Those of you on Windows can get it running without many problems at all.

Once you have those things installed, you should unzip the file which you can download here:

Teddy Fighters Download

Then you want to go into your command line or Terminal and navigate to the file’s location. You want to run it by typing:

python game.py

AScreen Shot Teddy Fightersnd then it should run. The game is pretty straight forward. It’s just a 2 player fighting game.

I made this game in a month, and I’m quite proud considering I hadn’t done much in python before this. Also, learning Pygame was quite fun. It’s not the best game engine to use for games, but it works and has all the access to tools that Python can get you.