May Game Dev 003: Sprites Or Bones?

It’s the first of May.

After spending hours animating a simple 3 frame idle stance, I decided to go with bone animation for the fighting game instead of the sprites. I want to get a good fighting system up and running first, and I realize that I don’t have much time to pump out all of the animations for each character.

Here’s the sprite animation. It’s not pretty, and it would take dozens of hours to get it right and make more in-between animations to get it to look right.

Rigged Bone Dummy

Rigged Bone Dummy

Time for bones? I think this is my only option to get a game up and running. I spent a few hours learning how to rig up a character, and it’s looking pretty nice so far! I can focus on the programming parts which will take more time. After that, I can switch out the sprites for the skin to make a new more appealing character.

So bones it is! YAY!

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