Mini Jam 12 Heroes

It has been a while since I’ve written in the blog. Over the past few months, I have been extremely busy with new opportunities and new places.

Over the weekend I did a game jam called Mini Jam 12 that was hosted on The theme was heroes. You can find it here: Mini Jam 12

I didn’t have too much time this weekend so I spent most of my free time going through the tutorial and learning how to use the game engine. I used ct.js which is a JavaScript based game engine. It is really nice and has the ability to become very powerful.

You can find ct.js here.

But I didn’t know much about using it and I had not worked in JavaScript in quite a long time, so I couldn’t just bang out a bunch of JavaScript from the top of my head like I could with GDscript in Godot or nowadays C# in Unity.

I did manage to make a few concepts and work on the game on Sunday afternoon after finishing one of the tutorials. 

I went to bed way late talking with my sister sending her birthday wishes and what not.

So this morning I woke up at like 10:30. And the game jam went till 1pm. I made breakfast and got dressed/showered. And then I had some time for reworking the game that I thought I could easily fix. But what I had in my head was very scrambled and messy.

So, I decided to kill everything and just make something very simple in scope. I used everything they taught in the first tutorial to make the game. Which was enough to get me started and to make something. Better than no game.

I actually made the game in about 1 hour and 40 minutes. The last 20 minutes was me trying to upload it to itch and make it work. I finally got it to load properly on the web player, but it was a few seconds late because I forgot to hit the publish check mark before I submitted the game. However, I direct messaged one of the jam hosts and they gladly let me submit the game. 

The limitations for the jam were that you had to use only basic shapes. I wanted to make a visual novel or adventure game where you would go around and talk to different anthropomorphisms that were just circles and squares and triangles and such…

But instead I made a simple game where you save pink dots and avoid crazy green ones.

Am I proud of myself?


For finishing another game. Trying something new while spending time with my loved ones as well. I am also proud that I took the time to reflect on the process a bit in this blog post.

Do I wish I had picked a different game engine?


I do wish I knew more about the engine and had been warmed up more in JavaScript.

Do I wish I had spent more time on the game?

Yes and no.

The things that I did do this weekend were important for my social and physical health. All work and no play makes Zach a dull boy. But yeah, I could have learned a lot more by spending more time and focusing on the Jam.

Well, here just try the game for yourself. But I warn you, this is what a game looks like when you scrap your idea at the end of a jam and hack something together in an hour forty.  

Play it here for free!

Leave me a comment and rating! I would really appreciate it. And play the other games too! Enjoy!