Studying Japanese Grammar

Okay, so what can I learn from the previous book’s study?

  1. I gotta keep track of my studying.
  2. I study better in the morning when my brain has had some rest.
  3. For this grammar, I think I will need a minimal amount of translating. I should only really point out the grammar and the simple explanation if needed.

I’ll keep track of it everyday. In a notebook. And also on the blog. But the blog posts must be kept short and sweet. I can’t spend an hour writing a blog post and another hour editing it. 😛

Also I want to combine it with extensive and semi-intensive reading. I should also keep track of this as well. The reading can be done in the evening. It’s simple and relaxing. My brain doesn’t need to be working that hard at night after a long day of work. 🙂

And again, here’s the book I’ll be using:


That’s all for now.

German Volume Update: Dropping Korean

Yesterday was day 22 of Korean, and Day 4 of Japanese.

I want to say thanks to those who commented on the last post.

I did some thinking and after a few days of doing both languages I have to say doing both languages at the same time is quite stressful. Ain’t gonna lie.

The good news is, my Korean writing seems to have dramatically improved. My writing has gotten a lot faster and a lot more accurate. I’ve been keeping it up with at least an hour a day with the German Volume Method, and a half hour with Pimsleur.

And now with great regret, I know that I have to focus on one language. I dearly love Korean and it is extremely useful to me now. However, I can’t pretend that I am going to continue on with the volume method throughout the year for Korean. My plans are to be in Japan next August. I’m going to need Japanese. In Japan Korean is almost useless. And knowing a very basic level of Korean is even more useless.

It is like Clugston said, this German Volume method is not for people who want to play with the language. It’s for serious people who have the time to put in to achieve serious results. It is like taking an intensive course at a University program like Yonsei. (The Yonsei Program is of the famous ones, but there are others just like it all around Korea).

I did finish 2 hours of Japanese with the Volume Method last night, and 1.5 hours of extensive reading. I was a zombie at the end. I have to start reading earlier.

I just realized that I did 5 hours of studying Korean and Japanese yesterday. And the previous day I did 5.5 hours. And I went to the gym. And I went to work. So… All of my energy just went out. The next morning I woke up on the floor feeling like an old rusty bicycle that hasn’t been picked up in years. It was hard to get moving.

My Study Space

Here is my study space. As you can see no computer. So no distractions. On the shelf you can see my textbooks on the left and my graded readers and easy reading material on the right. On the desk is Heisig’s RTK 1 and 3. And the textbook on the bookstand is Genki 1. 一生懸命頑張ります!

On top of this, I have to somehow figure out how I’m going to get back on studying Kanji. I have some very powerful books to start learning. I got my old copies of Remembering the Kanji 1 and 3 sent over from America last week. And I also have the new and beautiful KanjiPro book.

Chances are I’m going to get started with Kanji Pro and after a few months, I’ll start on Heisig’s RTK1 and finally move on to RTK3.

I also need to increase the volume that I’m getting from my Japanese textbook. 3 hours if the Volume Method with with an extra 2 hours of extensive reading should work pretty well.

I’ve already seen some amazing results with my Korean in the very short time that I’ve applied this method. Most of all, it’s gotten me to focus and to track my process and what I’m doing. That’s something that a lot of “youtube experts” don’t really talk about much in detail. And honestly, I see why. It’s not the sexiest thing to talk about. Unless there’s this cool hip productivity app everyone is tweeting about. 😛

I love Korea and the Korean language dearly. And I look forward to using it everyday, even at a very limited level which is painful for me. But what’s even more painful is being in Japan and getting my butt kicked in Japanese. 😀

So that’s the final nail. German Volume Method with Japanese only. Not recommended for two languages at the same time if you enjoy your sanity.

What to do with Vocab?

Gah, it’s killing me!

I got sick of the flashcards, and decided to start all over and make stories with the vocab words. Trouble is, it takes SO long, and then I have to try to memorize the story!

Here’s what I came up with restarting:



And here are all of the vocab words from day one:

挨拶 あいさつ greeting

間 あいだ between

赤ちゃん 赤ちゃん baby

あご chin/jaw

味 あじ taste

足音 あしおと footsteps (sound of)

明日 あす tomorrow

汗 あせ sweat

遊ぶ あそび play/hanging out

暑さ あつさ heat

飴 あめ hard candy

安心 あんしん Peace of mind, relief

案内 あんない Guide, Information, Assistance

以下 いか following, less than, not exceeding

以外 いがい Excepting, with the exception of

生き方 いきかた Way of life

行き方 いきかた Directions, way of doing

意見 いけん Opinion

石 いし Rock

以上 いじょう Or more, moreover

一度 いちど Once

一日中 いちにちじゅう All day

糸 いと Thread

以内 いない Within

田舎 いなか Countryside

命 いのち Life

居間 いま Living room

色紙 いろがみ Colored paper

飲酒 いんしゅう Drinking

受付 うけつけ Reception

嘘 うそ Lie

内 うち Within

内側 うちがわ Inside

裏 うら Back side, reverse side

売り場 うりば Sales floor

運 うん Luck

運転 うんてん Driving

運転手 うんてんしゅ Driver

運動 うんどう Exercise

運動会 うんどうかい Athletic meet

I think it’s quite hard, and I didn’t even use all of them. I missed six vocab words.

So, it took me like all night, and I didn’t even memorize the words. Maybe it helped a bit, but I feel like I spent way too much time on it. I’d rather spend the time where it’s more effective; reading.


I think I’ll just use the book as it is intended. I won’t make flashcards. I won’t write stories with all of the vocab words for a day. Instead, I’ll write out the meaning next to the korean translation, and then I’ll test myself on them over and over again. And move onto the next day. It shouldn’t take me more than an hour and a half at the most.

Done and done.

Now time to think about my reading plan.

Japanese New Plan Tracking: Day 7

Another not so intensive day…


30 minutes of studying.


0 hours… might do it before I hit the hay…


1 hour.

Read a level 3 book from the graded readers. Extensive reading only.

Skype tutor: 1 hour lesson. We made a story. She said I typed really fast today. I didn’t think I typed any faster… but then I realized, I was thinking faster and more smoothly due to all of the reading and listening and stuff… so that’s pretty cool.

The story was about a monkey with a red butt who lived on an 遠島. (remote island)


  • Vocab: 0.5 hours
  • Grammar: 0 hours
  • Reading: 1 hour
  • Real Person: 1 hour

Total: 2.5 hours.

That was a good week. つづく


Japanese New Plan Tracking: Day 6

Today was busy,  so I got a late start. 


2 hours. Extensive reading only.

3 of the level 2 books, and 1 of the level three books. I read a few pages of another level 3 book before the timer went off.


Finished Anki. 20 minutes. This was the first thing I did this morning. Then I fell back asleep because it was like 6am.


Wrote out the vocab words, but I didn’t study any cards cuz… way too late and tired tonight. ZZzz ZZzz

  • Summary
  • Reading: 2 hours
  • Grammar: 20 minutes
  • Vocabulary: 40 minutes

Total 3 hours

Not my best day. It doesn’t matter. Momma said there’d be days like these.

Onto the next day!

Japanese Tracking New Plan: Day 5


Today was a normal working day.


Took longer than I thought to write out the cards. But the review took just as long. In total I spent an hour with vocabulary.


Finished all of my Anki cards. Wasn’t much. Maybe 38. About 20 minutes.


I did do 2 hours of extensive reading. The two hours was fun. I got through six of the level two books. I’ve read these ones before, but this time I understood everything. It actually took 2 hours and 10 minutes, cuz I just had to finish the last book that I was on. Once I start I have to just keep on going. Wish I started earlier with the reading.

The intensive reading was only 30 minutes. But It was good. I got halfway through one of the stories in the red book. I was pretty tired at this point but still had a lot of momentum from the extensive reading.


I watched some anime I’ve seen over and over. I used a dictionary to pick out words I didn’t know and then I replayed it. 🙂 Just an hour this time.


  • Vocab: 1 hour
  • Grammar: 20 minutes
  • Reading: 2 hours 40 minutes
  • Video: 1 hour

Total: 5 hours… ZZzz Zzz Zzz

Not bad for a working day. I’ve been consistent and on track.

Tomorrow I will try to read an article on the NHK Web Easy site.

No English videos again. Today I did watch one short vid in English.

I want to keep the Extensive reading and the tiny bit of Intensive reading. Vocab must be studied steadily. Can’t rush it.


Japanese Tracking New Plan: Day 4

Day 4 already? This is good. I feel like I’m moving somewhere. But today I was particularly lazy and tired. I didn’t do anything till after 12:30. Actually I can’t remember If I took a nap or not. I should have slept in more.

I did attend the LanguageCast Meetup in Busan tonight. I love going to them meetups. You get to meet a lot of chill peeps. Wish I could have stayed longer to meet some more shiny happy people.


So I decided to stay with the book’s suggestion of doing 2 pages a day. The book has a layout where if you follow the study schedule, you will get through one level of the JLPT vocab levels in about a month. So it should take you 5 months to get through the book (N1 – N5). That’s pretty cool.

Yesterday I did two days worth, and I could see that was too much for me.It took an hour and a half to review it. It took a half hour to write the words for today to flashcards. Actually I didn’t write all of them, but I did write the definitions in English on the pages in the book while I was on the train to the language Meetup in Busan.

I’ll review day 3’s N4 vocab set from the book tomorrow on my flashcards, and then write down and go over day 4’s afterwards.

Again, I’m feeling good about the vocab. I saw some of the words appear in the book that I was reading today which made me feel great.


Only extensive reading. Again, I was lazy. I did 1.5 hours. This is from the first red book, though. This is good because I knew all of the words because I looked them up the first time I was reading it. Again, they are semi-intensive. Just a few too many levels above due to the vocab and sometimes more involved sentence structures. Not for beginners at all.


Yes, I did do Anki! Woot! Not much to talk about. There was only about 40 cards to review. But I did feel pretty good about them. I’m getting through the sentences much faster and I surprise myself when I remember the readings of the Kanji.

Now I have to note, if I didn’t before, that these are grammar examples with English translations. Not actual grammar rules.



Nope, not even one. Maybe I’ll watch one before bed. like I said. It was a lazy day.


  • Vocab: 2 hours
  • Reading: 1.5 hours
  • Grammar: 30 mins
  • Video: 0 hours

Total: 4 hours

Goals for tomorrow: Read an article from the News Web Easy site. Do 2 full hours of Extensive reading. Get some intensive reading in. Do Anki reps. Watch an hour of videos. Take the vocab slowly but consistently.

I wanna make it through the month with the vocab. It’s my weakest area which really just kills me. I know reading helps to solidify the acquisition of vocab too, so I have to keep up with the reading as well.

I still feel that I need more audio or video in this. I’ll have to think about how I can do that.

Aaah! I can try to just say no to English vids for tomorrow. Let’s try that! It’ll be hard, but gotta start somewhere.