Throw Away Your iPhone

Throw it away.

In fact, throw away your iPad too. And your Android phone, or your whatever tab. If you have a DS or PSP throw that out too. Mobile is garbage.
photo credit: Bravo mario!!! via photopin (license)

Mobile destroys the brain. Being connected 24/7 will rot you from the inside out.

Instead, buy a computer if you don’t already have one. And start writing. Start blogging. You don’t have to blog, you can just save files on your computer. Or, even better get a notebook and start journaling with a pen.

Don’t have anything to journal about? Go out there and experience the world. A notebook and camera are all of the capture devices that you need. If you want, you can tweet or blog about it later.

Are you lost? Learn how to read and draw a map. Or better yet, explore the city. Get your brain used to the landscape. Build that mini-taxi driver that’s inside your head.

Something amazing is happening and you want to take a picture and blog about it? Instagram it up? Well… instead, just enjoy the moment and take it all in. Don’t worry about capturing it on your device. Just pay attention. Be there. Then later, you can write about it in your journal.

What about getting into a deep discussion with your friends, and you need to check out facts. Like is the band a-ha British? Did Mr. Rogers really serve as a Green Beret? What’s the population of Osaka compared to Seoul?

Okay, for this, you might need an iphone to easily access information, especially if you’re not nearby a computer. But do these questions really need to be answered right away? Can you just take a mental or physical note and look it up when you get home?

Things have changed since the iphone came to life in 2008. Some for the better, some for the worse, some for the new and unexplored.

If you don’t have a smartphone, don’t look down on people that do. And if you do, don’t look down on people that don’t. Realize that there are certain freedoms that are created with a smartphone, and others that are taken away.

But remember, that smartphones cost money, and more importantly time. They can also save time, but you have to be honest with yourself. How much time does a smart phone save? In some cases a lot of time. In other cases, they waste a lot of time. If you’re not running your own business or constantly traveling you’re probably not saving much time with your smart device as you think you are.

Need something to carry when your friends are all on their smartphone and texting and tweeting and instagram-crackering?

Carry a BOOK!

It doesn’t have to be a big book. You don’t need to defend yourself with it. Just a tiny little thing that can fit in your pocket, or even a medium sized one would work. When you’re friends stop mid conversation to check their Crack-Cow talk, just bust open the book and continue your adventure. Continue your romance as Hans gently sweeps Lydia off of her feet and they ride off into the sunset.

Books are a little secret that the elite and wealthy like to keep to themselves. Books are the foundation for thought and language. The more books you read, the clearer you can express yourself. You still need to learn to write and speak to people properly. But if you have the power of books behind you, you have a big foundation to stand on.