Korean TPRS Story: The bus ran at light speed! 버스는 빛의 속도로 달렸기때문에요!

Korean TPRS Black Board - Light speed bus.
It’s been a while since I’ve met up with my Korean tutor. She is so wonderful! She’s probably the best Korean teacher in Korea because she knows how to teach with TPRS.

She doesn’t have a certificate or a Masters in teaching Korean. If she had one, maybe she would be too stubborn to learn the real secrets of language acquisition. Input based teaching is the most powerful way to get the student fluent and speaking spontaneously. So many people just don’t understand this.

To prove my point, if you have an hour to kill and you don’t know any Russian, watch this video:

Okay, so how much Russian did you learn?

Compare that to an hour of TTMIK podcast. Which do you think is better?

I’d pick story telling any day of the week over boring explanations of grammar from people who have no clue about language acquisition.

The one and only one way we learn language is when we understand messages. I understood 100% of the story we made together today. We only spent 30 minutes making the story today. Just look at how much we were able to create!

Last week in my city hall class, we learned phrases and vocabulary for riding the bus, the train, airplane and boat. I actually forgot a lot of those phrases now. Mostly because it was boring and painful. “Practice with the person next to you!” (and then she proceeds to speak in Korean assuming we understand what she’s saying.) She often goes out of bounds with words (Says things we don’t know or won’t know.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the class and get lots of input from the teacher. She is really smart and explains the grammar well. But as for language acquisition the way the class is taught is slow and a bit painful.

Okay, enough of my rant. Just to show you how much we can accomplish in 30 minutes with my TPRS tutor, here is the story from today’s Korean class:

지난 일요일에, 한 승객이 버스정류장 앞에 서있었어요. 그 승객은 10시간 동안 서서 버스를 기다렸어요.
잠시 후에 빠른 버스가 왔어요. 하지만 불행하게도 그 승객은 버스를 타지 못했어요.
왜냐하면 그 버스는 빛의 속도로 달렸기때문에요.
그 승객은 버스를 타기위해서 같이 빛의 속도로 달리기 시작했어요.
갑자기 누군가가 소리쳤어요. “할머니!! 뛰지마세요”
할머니는 멈췄어요. 한 경찰관이 할머니 앞으로 다가왔어요.

Here is my translation:

Last Sunday, a passenger was standing at the bus stop. This passenger waited for the bus for 10 hours. After that, a fast bus came. But unfortunately, this passenger could not ride the bus. This is because that bus ran by at the speed of light. That passenger started to run along with the bus at light speed in order to ride it(the bus). Suddenly someone cried out “Granny! Don’t run!” The grandmother stopped. A police officer came up close in front of the grandmother.

Japanese Story: 鬼の友達 part 1

I made this story with my tutor.

Here is part 1:





Korean TPRS: Part 3, Love Potion.

And here’s the last bit that we finished up on Saturday. It was quite an exciting ending. Enjoy!

Korean TPRS Whiteboard

Here’s the story in Korean:

공주는 한참을 기다렸지만 왕자는 오지 않았어요.
공주는 빗속에서 떨었어요. 그리곤 쓰러졌어요. (그리고 나서 = 그리곤)
누군가가 교회에서 나왔어요. 그 사람은 목사님이 었어요.
목사님은 공주를 발견했어요. 그리고 공주를 교회안으로 데려갔어요.
공주를 침대위에 눞혔어요. 갑자기 무언가가 침대밑으로 떨어졌어요.
목사님을 그것을 발견했어요. 그것은 사랑의 묘약이었어요.
목사님은 그것을 마셨어요. 그리고 남은 묘약을 공주에게 먹였어요.
공주는 깨어났어요. 그들은 서로를 보고 사랑에 빠졌어요.
목사님은 목사직을 그만두었어요. 그리고 그들은 결혼해서 행복하게 살았어요.


And here’s my English translation:

The princess waited for a long time but the prince didn’t come.
The princess shivered in the rain. And then collapsed.
The preacher discovered the princess. And then he brought her into the church.
He dropped her on top of the bed. All of a sudden something fell underneath the bed.
The preacher found it. It was the love potion.
The preacher drank the potion. And then he made the princess drink the remaining potion.
The princess woke up. They both fell in love with each other.
The preacher stopped being a priest. And they both got married and lived happily.

Korean TPRS Story: Love Potion, Part 2

Here’s the chalkboard from today’s lesson:

Korean Chalkboard TPRS: Love Potion

Here is the story from today’s Korean lesson:

마법사는 사랑의 묘약을 공주에게 건네줬어요.
공주는 마법사가 공자처럼 보였어요.
사랑의 묘약을 받은 공주는 왕자를 만나기 위해 왕자의 집으로 갔어요.
그런데 불행하게도, 왕자는 집에 없었어요.
왜냐하면 왕자는 친구들과 놀러나갔기 때문에요.
그래서 공주는 편지를 썻어요.
편지에는 ‘밤 10시까지 교회앞으로 나오세요’라고 쓰여있었어요.
공주는 그 편지는 왕자의 집앞에 놔뒀어요.
그리고 밤 10시가 됐어요.
공주는 왕자를 만나기 위해 교회앞으로 갔어요.
공주는 왕자가 오기를 기다렸어요.
그런데 시간이 지나도 왕자는 나타나지 않았어요.
그리고 갑자기 하늘에서 비가 내렸어요.

And now my quick translation:

The wizard passed the love potion to the princess.
To the princess, the wizard seemed like Confucius.
The princess who received the love potion went to the prince’s house in order to meet him.
But unfortunately the prince was not home.
That’s because he was hanging out with friends.
And so the princess wrote a letter.
She wrote, “Come to the front of the church at 10pm.” in the letter.
The princess left the letter at the front of the prince’s house.
And then it became 10pm.
The princess went to the front of the church to meet the prince.
The princess waited for the prince’s arrival.
And so time passed by but the prince didn’t appear.
And suddenly rain fell from the sky.

Today’s lesson went very well. I’m getting better at processing longer sentences in Korean in my head. This is a skill that gradually develops as I listen and understand to more stories.

My tutor is awesome!

New Korean Story Part 1; Love Potion

New Story 새로운 이야기
Title 제목: 사랑의 묘약 (love potion)

옛날 옛적에, 한 친절한 마법시가 살았어요.
a long time ago there lived an kind wizard.
a) 그마멉사는 두명의 친구가 있었어요. 한명은 공주이고 또 다른 한명은 왕자였어요.
a) This wizard had two friends. One was a princess and the other was a prince.
b) 그 마법사는 한명의 공주친구와 한명의 왕자친구가 있었어요.
b) The wizard had a princess friend and a prince friend.
공주와 왕자는 서로를 몰랐어요.
The princess and the prince didn’t know each other.
그래서 마법사는 그들을 서로 소개시겨줬어요.
And so, the wizard introduced them to each other.
왕자는 못생긴 공주를 보고 싫어했어요.
The prince saw the ugly princess and hated her.
하지만 공주는 왕자를 보고 첫눈에 반했어요.
But, the princess had a crush on the prince at first sight.
그래서 공주는 울었어요.
And so, the princess cried.
마법사는 공주를 걱정했어요.
The wizard worried about the princess.
(공주가 걱졍이 된) 마법사는 마약을 만들기 시적했어요.
So the wizard started to make a potion for the princess he so worried about.
그 마약은 사랑의 묘약이었어요.
This potion was a love potion.
마법사는 공주에게 그약을 주었어요.
The wizard gave the potion to the princess.
그리고 말했어요.
And then he said something.
“공주야. 이 약을 왕자에게 몰래 먹여.
Princess, let the prince unknowingly drink this potion.
그리면 왕자는 너를 좋아하게 될거야.”
And if he does, the prince will fall for you.

Here’s a new story from my tutoring session. Feel free to use this to study Korean or English. Enjoy!

Learning Japanese with Stories

Sushi Bowl I am absolutely convinced the best way to learn a language is through stories.

And best of all, you can do this with anyone at a language exchange. Rather than just spouting off the usual tourist phrases 100 times. Even as a beginner, you can still make simple stories. I started with barely any Mandarin and then my awesome tutor started making simple stories with me.

As for Japanese, my level is a bit deeper. I’ve been able to read simple stories without a dictionary thanks to the help of graded readers and children’s books. I have read Curious George in Japanese. It was awesome! But it was hard. Children’s books in Japanese have very little Kanji and different words and phrases for children.

Okay so here’s story one. My in person tutor and I started it. I posted the beginning of the story from last time for your convenience:


And the rough Translation:

“A long long time ago, there was a boy who was not fast but liked to run. One day, his mother said to the boy “I want to eat duck, so go catch it and bring it back.” But, there is a problem. The duck is a faster runner than the boy. But, the boy went with the duck’s rival, the cat. “

So, my Skype tutor and I took this and finished up the story. This is all from the Skype chatbox with my rough translations underneath:

Why does the boy like running?
He likes to feel the wind
That is why he likes it.
That day the cat and the boy walked out toward the duck.
After that, there was a problem. Because of the tall grown grass
Growing grass
The boy picked the grass but couldn’t find the duck.
Because of that, the rival cat lit the grass on fire.
He lit it with a match.
And then, the duck surprisingly tried to fly.
But, The duck couldn’t fly.
Trying to fly.
Unfortunately, the duck’s wings caught fire.
But, even though most of the duck’s feathers were burned he got away so fast.
The escaping duck disturbed by burning wings, when the cat suddenly chased after it he could not get close.
Atop a far away tree the mother was watching the scene.
The mother who was so worried about her sun accidentally burning ran towards her son.
Mother was worried about her son burning.
The mother who ran and came
The mother who ran and came saw abruptly shouted “Stop! It’s dangerous!”
The mother and the young lad held each other.
And then, mother spoke.
It’s too dangerous, so let’s give up on catching the duck.
At that time, the cat found the duck.
And, he flew and caught the bird and sadly caught fire.
Mother drew water from the lake and used it on the cat.
And, with the cat’s fire out, catching the duck was a success. Everybody ate Peking duck for dinner.
And everyone lived happily every after.

Boy that was a long story. There were lots of little nuggets of complex grammar in there too, although the story is simple. Mostly, the vocabulary is simple.

Again, if you are in the intermediate, or even the beginning stages, you can make stories with a language exchange to learn much better than your average “Free-talking.” Not that Free talking is bad, it just needs some structure in order to be more effective in the short time you have with a native speaker.

I hope this story helps people. Please feel free to use it. You can use the sentences or the full story for flashcards, or whatever you want. Enjoy!

Korean TPRS Lessons: Part 2 Of A 3 Part Story.

Let me say this, I am so lucky to have such a great tutor!

She is planning to hold classes for those who want to learn Korean at the end of March. If you are in the Ulsan area and are interested in learning Korean, send me a message or comment.

Today I really noticed how well the repetition works. She knows how to repeat in different ways to make me think and understand what’s being said. She also uses “pop-up” grammar very well. It’s little things like this:

가서 = 가다 + 그레서
가고 = 가다 + 그레고

What she writes up on the board to help me along with the langauge. It’s simple and painless. She doesn’t go on for an hour practicing how to make it work with a hundred verbs. That would be boring and pointless.

Here’s the board from last week. Last week we started part 2:

Story 1 Part 2 Chalkboard

Here’s the second part of our story:

그런데 그녀는 가진 것이 없었어요.
그래서 그녀는 과일가게로 갔어요.
하지만 그 과일가게도 가진 것이 없었어요.
그녀는 야채가게로 갔어요.
야채가게에서 야채 10개를 샀어요.
야채로 음식을 만들지 않고
배트맨과 스파이터맨은 그 야채를 서로에게 5개씩 나눠줬어요.
그런데 배트맨과 스파이터맨은 그 야채를 서로에게 턴졌어요.

So this took about an hour to go through. Now keep in mind we created this together and she circled around these grammar points and words many times. That way, I’ve internalized the patterns more than if I just read this.

Here’s a rough translation:

Well, the girl had nothing.
And so, she went to the fruit store.
But the fruit store also had nothing.
The girl went to the veggie store.
At the veggie store she bought 10 veggies.
The veggies weren’t for making food, she gave 5 veggies each to Spiderman and Batman.
And then Batman and Spiderman threw the veggies at each other.
The girl became sad again.

And that was the 2nd part.

Stay tuned for the third part of the story.