May Game Dev 013: Download and Play

Get the game here.

Rag Doll Fight 1

You can download it for Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows.

I love how easy it is to build for other platforms in Unity!

I got rid of the control screen and figured out how to just use the Unity Input Manager. So now when you start the game, you can set up the inputs however you like. I would like a custom in-game input manager, but that’s for another game and another time.

Enjoy! Tell me what you think! Remember, this is a game that I threw together in a month. Don’t expect anything epic or unbreakable. 🙂

May Game Dev 011: Nearly there but gotta work out the kinks.

I’ve worked on it quite a bit, but I’m at a place where I think I should leave it.

I really don’t like the way the animations play out. Next time if I’m doing a fighting game, I’ll have to draw out all of the animations with sprites. I can see why it’s been done this way more often. Obviously 3d is a different story, but still the animation can’t be done with bones alone and look nice.

Tomorrow’s the last day. I’ll fix up a few bugs here and there and then post it. Not bad for a month’s work for a fighting game. It’s really a lot to think about in terms of hitboxes and interactions. Not as simple as you might think.

I think I’ll call it “Rag Doll Fight 1”


May Game Dev 010: The Start of a Game Controller

I’ve been working a little bit to get a main game controller and the text up and running to the game with a countdown timer.

So far so good!

Again, learning more about unity, and how easy it is to talk to each component and set things nicely. It feels like writing a web page… except better.

Game Development for May 002

To do some further research on fighting games, I went out and got myself a dream cast with a few fighting games. After an hour or so of playing, I made some dinner and started working out some of the concepts for the game.

After talking with my brother for a little while, I started to sketch out a sprite from a character sketch in my sketchbook.

Here’s some of the art in progress.

ScreenShot Game Character 1 Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.28.22 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.51.29 PM

Still a work in progress. If I had more time to spend fleshing out the art, I’d spend it. Very simple art for now.  Now next up is to make a simple three frame idle animation. That’s up for tomorrow.


Teddy Fighters: Final Version

Teddy Fight Main ScreenOkay, so I still am having trouble “freezing” the code into an executable. However, I’ll post it without an executable. If someone could figure out how to get a good executable running, I would be extremely happy.

So this thing runs on Python with Pygame.

You need to have the latest version of Python 2.

Also, you need to install Pygame.

This can get tricky on Mac. But I’ve gotten it to work. Those of you on Windows can get it running without many problems at all.

Once you have those things installed, you should unzip the file which you can download here:

Teddy Fighters Download

Then you want to go into your command line or Terminal and navigate to the file’s location. You want to run it by typing:


AScreen Shot Teddy Fightersnd then it should run. The game is pretty straight forward. It’s just a 2 player fighting game.

I made this game in a month, and I’m quite proud considering I hadn’t done much in python before this. Also, learning Pygame was quite fun. It’s not the best game engine to use for games, but it works and has all the access to tools that Python can get you.


Teddy Fight: One week left

Teddy Fight Screen Shot, mid development

We are down to the final week for this month of May, and I’ll finally have a game up and running! Hurray!

I’m actually quite pleased with my own development as a programmer. Not necessarily as a game developer. Let’s be clear about that. This game is not a great game. It’s a quick and dirty fighter with not a lot of options.

Right now, the knife bear seems to be the clear choice to win the game. When you stab someone with the knife in hand, they die automatically. Also, he has range because he can throw the knife, but it’s hard to aim at a long range target, though not impossible. Thrown knife damage is not as brutal, though.

Early mid development of Teddy FightThe bomb bear might be the best for skilled play. Bombs are deadly on direct impact, but nearly deadly if you get near the blast particles. I had him initially dropping bombs in front of himself, but after some testing we found that that required too much skill and resulted in accidental running into the bomb, so the player would have to be running backwards all the time which was awkward. Therefore that got changed.

Finally we have the bat bear. The bat still seems a little bit awkwardly large for me. Perhaps we could change the size of it, but in testing it works fine. It has just enough reach for some skilled play. Working on balance to this game is key, as they clearly have different strategies.

Teddy Fight Mid Development 2Currently, I’m working on developing the environments for the bears to fight in. This also will add another layer of skill and may limit the power of the knife bear as players can take refuge behind barriers.

After that, I’ll be working on polish to make the graphics and feel of replay more interesting. Also, keeping track of winners and a record would be an ideal thing to work on as a cherry on top. However, time might not permit me to add on that extra feature. It depends on how quickly I can implement such a system.